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Wait… but Republicans vaccinate their kids, that's *our* team's bizarro psychological problem. I don't grok Christie' strategery. Is he trying to steal our rich hippies? NO DAMN YOU THEY GOT US LEGAL WEED (sort of) THEY ARE OURS AND WE STILL LOVE THEM, we'll get them to vaccinate their crunchy little moppets using the magic of Facebook shaming! It's working. You stay out of this Chris Christie.

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Huh. After reading this, it occurs to me that he'd be a great VP for Clinton. Georgia is soooo close to "turning blue" (in the divisive political doublespeak of the msm), Obama's been here three or four times. That's 16 votes in the electoral college. Plus, he's a smart, well-spoken, Southern, Black liberal with experience leading a financially successful city, Atlanta. And, he's a complete and utter tool.

For example, when Occupy Atlanta - maybe 100 kids, plus at least five agents provocateur - "occupied" the homeless park downtown. The agents provocateur were totally obvious, even to the clueless college kids; they were like 15 years older than they said they were, and strong-armed the disorganized group into renaming the park after some guy who killed a cop. And three of them would do 100% of all the violence and craziness, which was always filmed, and always on TV. Look at old videos if they're on youtube. It's always the same three guys. The Martin Luther King Center finally sent down some old-school professional protesters to help the kids out, and taught them to link hands, chant "calm down, calm, down," and circle the three guys whenever they put on their shows. But by then, all the Occupies in every city were being shut down in a coordinated federal action. The day before the shutdown, there were maybe 70 protesters, the park was totally clean and mostly empty, and there were more than 100 cops milling around, waiting for the signal. When it happened, in the middle of the night, the kids walked away peacefully and that was that.

EXCEPT. For Reed! He was on TV talking about how violent and filthy and dangerous Occupy Atlanta had become. It was an utterly ridiculous situation, which was obvious to anyone who had actually been there. The speech, however, was spliced with film of those same three guys making a scene. It was hilarious how easily that guy could lie with a straight face, and how eagerly the public lapped it up.

Fast forward a few years, and Reed is on every Sunday talk show, spouting talking points with all the sincerity and conviction of a professional actor. He's soooo convincing. He's always at parties and whatnot too. And I don't even hate him - Atlanta is doing well, and he's doing all these great things for the city, building pedestrian areas and bike paths and so forth. I think he's a power-hungry fake, but still vote for him over the GOP's power-hungry fakes.

So, today I stop by VC for a fun break, and it's like, YEP YEP YEP, there's Hillary's VP, I can't believe I didn't see that earlier. Heck, I'll probably end up voting for them, because Christie and Rand Paul are about the only Republicans I could stomach, and they've been sidelined.

As to the hypothesis mentioned earlier about Atlanta becoming an Illuminati center or whatever, I can't speak to that. BUT. I will mention that we are on track to winning the Global Warming Sweepstakes, along with Denver. We're not close to any major body of water (unlike most major cities in the world), and this tail end of the Appalachians may actually get a bit cooler thanks to increased cloud cover and precipitation. We've about taxed our dedicated water supplies, Lake Lanier, but the TVA is close enough to supply a megacity of 20 million people. Hmmmm…..

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I thought Christianity forbade gluttony. (Or is that just Catholicism?) Anyway, can for-profit Catholic businesses provide insurance that refuses to cover obesity-related issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and so forth? Or just refuse to provide coverage for anyone with a BMI over 25 (exceptions made for weightlifters and so forth)? Because that would go over really well with Christian USAmericans.

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Bizarro FOX… never thought I'd see the day that the GOP would tell young people to stop giving money to corporations because personal responsibility, and instead use the freebies at the emergency room. Man. I swear, if Barry went to war with Iran, even Billy Kristol and John Bolton would be forced to come out against it or be banned from the right-wing media. Which would be funny, except for all the dead children and $5 trillion bill.

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I love me some Lara Logan and think she's a bad-ass journalist and kind of cool for giving a shit about the USA's brave private security contractors - hey, no one else does - but that piece was just terrible. TEA-rable. She's so immersed in that PMC world, a world that quite understandably cares about civilians being abandoned by cynical politicians in the middle of East Mohammed, Libyaquistan (and less understandably hates Hilary and Obama for achieving success despite not being white men) that it's no wonder she wanted to do a Benghazi piece. I just wonder how she sold 60 Minutes on it. I bet it came down to advertising.... they knew they'd get eyeballs from the vast and loyal FOX News crowd and beef up their audience, so they just told her to go for it. Just a guess, but gakh.

Anyway, I appreciate BENGHAZI was followed by the CIA dude saying that the number one security threat to the USA was the fact that the Democrats and Republicans can't work together and keep screwing up the economy in the process. Hope the message got through to a few Tea Party obstructionists.

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If Mittens had wanted it half as badly as Ann, he'd be president right now.

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Hah! Read that yesterday and almost posted "Obvious troll is obvious," but was distracted by my one-article win at logical fallacy bingo! That had never happened to me before on a Forbes piece.

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Polish up yer hoverounds, it's a march!

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If you can't be motivated to work more by $30+ million per year, let someone else have the job. Fine with me. I bet there are immigrants from Mexico who'd play golf for $15/hr and be happy and grateful for that! Hell, golf would finally be watchable if they added upbeat Latin pop music, wrestling-style masks, hard-core fans a la a Salvadoran-Honduran World Cup qualifier instead of politely clapping bleach blondes in identical pastel Izods and vizors, and some fat dude yelling "hooooooooooooooollllllleeeeee" every time someone scored. Plus, the advertisements would be for shit I needed and could afford, like frozen tamales and sales at Home Depot, instead of "Low T" medication and Rolexes. Fuck you, Lefty, I want to see Filipe, El Leon de Huajuapan, win the next round.

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Jesus may have turned water into wine, sure, but Joe Klein makes whine out of vinegar and water.