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I have a nice suggestion for the Mariners. Become the "Pilots" again! It is worth a try, especially since the Pilots - our first MLB team - did not get a fair opportunity to test their wings beyond a season and became the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Tacoma Rainers can become the Mariners and the Rainers can become our AA team. *If this doesn't work, just bring in half the AAA Tacoma Rainer players who might be hungry and mad enough to swing some bats, pitch under pressure and not choke. Can this season get any worse? Have we hit rock bottom? Perhaps we should let Cliff Lee go to a winning team in exchange for two good hitters and a decent pitcher.

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It is clear that the Seattle City Council is a bunch of "robotrons." They all agree to be "P.C." (politically correct) at the expense of following the laws. What is wrong with Arizona upholding laws on the books to protect who is here LEGALLY? Why should people who cut in line be rewarded?

And what about the $ costs to our schools and hopitals for offering tax payer medical care and education? The city council doesn't consider those costs that hit all of us very hard financially, and contributes to our state being in a $ financial hole. Is that fair?

Every other nation, INCLUDING MEXICO ON ITS' SOUTHERN BORDER, respects laws for good reasons. What message does this send kids about protecting criminals and ignoring laws? What about drug runners in our inner cities that came here outside the country? This is not about race.

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Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air. She lives on a very modest home in Alaska compared to Nancy Palosi who is incredibly spoiled from her husband's wealth. Sarah Palin is more connected to real middle class Americans than nearly any other polititian. And that is worth celebrating!

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You are so right, Richard. The left does love to "vilivy" anyone who is a threat to their way of thinking. Glenn Beck is usually right on with common sense. And he loves our country, as does fromer Gov. Sarah Palin who made an outstanding governor and mayor. Funny how the left says they support "diversity." But honest people know how short they fall on that noble ideal. On college campuses conservative professors are almost forced to remain silent on issues that go against the tide of opinions held by 80-90% of the faculty or one will be ostrisized. It's the same way in most public schools, and in Hollywood and in city councils. The deck needs to be shuffled.

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Gore has to be one of the biggest CON-JOB artists in the world. He has swindled multi-millions of $ dollars off his carbon offset scheme. I saw his 20,000 plus square foot mansion in Nashville Tennessee and he does not live out what he preaches to the masses - you and me. One can only guess how much electricity he uses. And that is not his only home. Then he JETS around in the sky lecturing us. He even chickens out of debates with any and all tens of thousands of very credible scientists who challenge his views. For the most part we have been in a seven year COOLING PERIOD. Thus, the earth goes in cycles and always will. He would not travel for free. This is one continuous book tour for him. AND BESIDES, WHAT ADVANCED SCIENCE DEGREE DOES AL GORE HAVE EXACTLY?

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Excellent common sense points you made, Woodinville! It brings us REAL HOPE to have people out there who can see the light and know the difference between terrorist attacks on our soil vs. liberals who see them as petty crimes.

And notice how when liberals who used to tout themselves as "open minded" and like to say they "celebrate diversity" have hate for anyone else who disagrees with them? Talk about a single track mind. Very sad. But some of the best new Conservatives are former liberals who detoxed from the cool aid drinks fed to them by one-sided professors oru government entitlement programs that are a tool for buying votes.

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Former Governor and Mayor, Sarah Palin, has a common sense message to share. Such as keeping our freedoms and not buying into socialist movement led by those who loath our nation and military like George Soros, Michael Moore and and ACORN crowd. She truly loves our country. She is NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, which is very smart for the defense of U.S.A.. She understands that the attacks at Ft. Bragg and in NYC and PA and the Pentagon were terrorist attacks, not random crimes. Also, most people can relate to her not being spoiled and rich like other members of Congress and Senate. Simply put, she is down to earth and not a snob.