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Talk to him! Whatever comes your way, it's better than all the "What ifs'." If you take the chance to confront him with your feelings, maybe you guys could even get back together, because that's what you so desperately want. However, there's also that possibility that he actually moved on. At least you know the truth instead of wondering all the time, and then you can really concentrate on moving on. There's simply no point in liking someone who doesn't like you back, but I still do it all the time. Instead of concentrating on all those memories and pining for him, do other activities that will take your mind of of him. If you feel you really need him back in your life, be brave and throw your feelings out there.

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That's cute. And my story is similar. The guy I like went away too. He's going to college and I'm still stuck in high school. But I've realized that I have to accept that. You can't wait for him forever. Do a lot of things so you can stop thinking about him. For ex, join clubs, hang out with friends, sports, etc. Keep your mind busy and move on. Just find someone else who is really sweet. If you guys meet in the future, so much the better. But you can't do anything right now so best to carry on with your life. It's hard, but it's certainly doable. Wish you the best of luck. :]

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I get along with my mom pretty well, but my brother's the problem. I would like him to be there for my graduation too, but we are in a very big fight right now and I feel that once I become 18, I'm going to walk out of his life because I can't handle it anymore. I can't handle him responding to my "Good morning!" with a "SHUT UP." I can't handle getting into fists fights with him when we yell, I can't handle his selfishness, his greediness, or how inconsiderate and insensitive he is. Maybe it's not exactly the same to your problem, but it's similar enough. I know it would break my mom's heart if I denounce him as my brother. So, I'm going to try my best to stitch back things. I suggest you put behind the past and start out fresh. Forget the bitterness and try to be patient when she points out something you did wrong. Like instead of yelling, calmly explain. You could always try talking to her and telling her firmly that you are grown up. Take a deep breath and relax (it works when I'm fighting with my brother!). I hope this helps and I hope everything turns out well. :]

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My father was not a drunk. My father did not abuse my mom, nor me for that matter. Not anymore that is, because he used to hit me with the belt too. Hit me with anything that came into his hands. However, he stopped once I grew up because he was afraid of going to jail. He knew I could call the cops on him if he threatened me, so he stopped. My father is still married to my mom and my mom hates him to an extent. She says "Stay for the kids," and I hate that phrase. My mom works just like your mom, from sunrise until late into the night. And my father stays at home doing nothing. But I still love him, yes, because he's my father. Even though I hate that he does not do anything for me. All I can tell you is to keep your head up and look forward, and yes, once again, be strong. You might be going through a tunnel right now, but there's always a light at the end, a way out. Don't let him get the best of you.

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OMG! I can relate to you. I used to be tall and thin too (I don't know about stunning). Unlike you, I was not destined to be a model. However, once I grew up, my body became all weird. It was so frustrating. I mean, my stomach was flat and guys called me pretty, but everything got out of control when it reached my legs, in my point of view anyways. I'm tall, but my legs are not lean (so annoying!), even though people tell me their fine.They tell me I have curves, but I still hate my lower half! Of course, my brother never loses the chance to call me fat. D; I'm used to my body now, though not completely satisfied and I decided to do something about it, so I took up running this summer. x] Haha. I have no idea why I told you all that. Just wanted to share my story!

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It is difficult. When my best friend went through some changes, I didn't exactly like it because she was putting her boyfriend over me, who she knew for like 10 years. Now, she wears the latest fads too and she's always dressing up. When I do it (which is not very often), she's like Omg, you're so girly now. I agree that it's probably peer pressure and the need to fit in. You could always try accepting the new her. But if you really can't cope with it, leave her alone for a bit, see if she grows out of it. I know what I'm saying is basically repeating what Katie_x and livingproofsb said, but it's true, you'll find someone else that might change their appearance, but not their personality.

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I can relate to you, you're not alone. Around my friends, I'm just this optimistic person that seems to never be sad. However, when I'm by myself, I just let all my guard down and I feel like no one knows me. Even my best friends can never completely relate to me. When I tell them things, I can never bring myself to tell them everything. It hurts because it feels like no one knows you inside out. It's hard, but just keep looking forward.

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No, you're not the only one with this problem. I've heard of guys who liked me even though I don't know them and I have liked guys that do not even know I exist, like right now! Since he likes you too, take the chance and get to know him! Talk to him and find out his personality. If you still like him after this, then tell him how you feel. Even if things don't work out, you can still end up with a great friend. Best of luck. :]

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I think you should be careful for a while. See how he acts around you, if he flirts with you, whether he really wants to talk to you and is interested in what you really have to say. I guess you have to decide for yourself whether he does like you or not since you can't tell anybody else. If you think he does, then just go for it! If worse comes to worse and he's a decent guy, you'd end up right where you are now, meaning you guys will still be friends. I know it's not much, but it's a start. Good luck! :]

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I definitely agree with you. I used to find it really annoying when people talked about committing suicide. However, I tried to be a little more sensitive because I had a suicidal best friend, and I definitely didn't want her to go anywhere. I guess I grew more understanding and tolerated it more because I could feel what my best friend was going through. It's sorta complicated because when you try to help these people, they don't seem to want to see the light, and instead brood on the negative things. It still irritates me somewhat. x]