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5 trials for the same murder? I understand 2 were mistrial/hung jury, and one an appeal, that he won, but what about the other 2. I thought you couldn't be tried for the same crime twice.

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don't forget the "free" healthcare provided to people in prison.

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My thoughts and prayers to the families involved. But, she went off the road and overcorrected into a lane of oncoming traffic, how is that not reckless?

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And what exactly is the point of this article? Also, why has he not been charged with anything yet?

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This makes me want to throw up. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. I know they publish things like this in hopes somebody will have some information leading to the people who did this, but I really wish they would think twice before printing articles like this. Glad the kitty is going to be ok.

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I have never actually had a speeding ticket, so I think I do ok with following the traffic laws. I do think the city could find more useful things to focus their energy on. CR has absolutly nothing going for it.

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All these red light cameras and traps being set up are a bunch of c.rap. All Cedar Rapids cares about is revenue. $$$$$

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Ok, good point.

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Why would they release her on her own recognizance?

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Ewww, that just made me throw up in mouth a little.