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As much as we don't know the full story this is not the way that you handle a situation like this. the people of the beetham has to realize that the rest of the public should not have to pay for the deeds of the police. I have friends and family that live on the Beetham and i know there are good people and there are criminals in the mix .We have to be fair and honest with the decisions that we make. That goes for Police and residents.

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Manning needs to give up his seat and let another qualified person from the party take over and stop tweeting.

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Rowley should know better; yuh have to know where every door and window is on your premises.especially yuh backdoor. By the way this door was behind a painting or what?

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Well he will not be accused of rape anymore.

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set up check that female employee.

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your life in jeopardy/ what about the two officers lives and their families.take yuh banga like ah man; yuh go get use to it.

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big fish sailing on the ocean

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yuh mean to say that a man just can't play with his guns in the street. what is this place coming too?

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how come nobody ain't protesting and blocking roads.

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when other countries break protocol how come these jokers don't say a word. Only god i humble and bow down to; Not man. small potatoes people move on. I don't belong to any party. i am in Australia. save the political comments.