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Wow, Evrviglnt, what an interesting and twisted little world you live in. You might want to check the papers to see who is actually running most levels of American government. It's not the Left. If you'd like to join the rest of us in the real world, you'll discover that it is Mr. Bush who has systematically gone about dismantling the checks and balances that our government was founded on. He's also tried to restrict the right to habeus corpus and he's bribed the telecommunications industry into turning over volumes of data on our conversations. That's a whole lot of abused freedoms coming from the Right's favorite son.

And please don't mischaracterize my words. My intention was to encourage people to use this space to engage in actual political conversations not rhetorical bullying. If you'd like to partake in that, may I suggest you go to your usual trough of mass media punditry.