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As a vegan, I was not impressed with this menu offering. Granted, I could get the hummus plate, but with that being $12, I made other plans for my $12. Where is the supposedly veg-friendly food? I never walked in.

What happened to Elephant Hut? :(

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@thepeach this shows your ignorance about ground water, and your total lack of compassion...
Our entire neighborhood had its basements destroyed by ground water. Some also had sewer backups (on the same main sewer line the proposed development would have used).
H-P may not be 'flooded' above ground anymore, but there is nothing DRY about it.
What did you expect, a lake? There are no banks to hold water.

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Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan
Policy 3.22 says, "Undeveloped high hazard flood areas will be retained in their natural state whenever possible."
Policy 3.06 further states, "The city will strive for no net loss of wetlands and riparian areas by discouraging their destruction."
Policy 3.23 attempts to protect critical facilities (such as the congregate care proposed for the site) from flood hazard.

Read the story of what happened at the nearest congregate care facility, Frasier Meadows
"we had to evacuate all patients from the first floor of the Health Care Center"
"to relieve pressure on Gross Reservoir. Waters were released from the reservoir into South Boulder Creek."
"The flooding in the garage is what led to the power outages"
"The first floor of the Health Care Center is unusable due to flood damage."
"The Assisted Living Center is not likely to be useable for a long time."

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I absolutely can avoid the circle of death (or at least killing). Have fun with that.

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Why eat an egg at all? Cholesterol, saturated fat, carnitine, salmonella...
Many ways to off yourself....

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Every male chick goes to the gas chamber.
Every female chick is exhausted laying eggs, then killed after 2 years.
Hens live for 10 years.
Chickens are intelligent, social, sentient, feeling creatures just like cats and dogs.
Layer hens have been bred to overproduce eggs to the point of calcium depletion. They need to eat their own eggs to restore that calcium. Taking them away kills them little by little - not to mention destroying their maternal souls and nurturing nature....

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Let's not forget about Boulder's official "Constitution" for Planning and Development, the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. Please tell me how does this development promote even a single one of these goals for the City or County of Boulder?

"Boulder s planning has focused on respecting our unique community identity and sense of place, city-county cooperation, and keeping Boulder a distinct, separate and compact community"

* Recognition of sustainability as a unifying goal to secure Boulder's future economic, ecological and social health.
* Commitment to open space preservation and the use of open space buffers to define the community.
* Use of urban growth boundaries to maintain a compact city.
* Encouragement of compact, contiguous development and a preference for infill land redevelopment as opposed to sprawl.
* Provision of quality urban spaces, parks and recreation that serve all sectors of the community and trails and walkways that connect the community.
* Commitment to preservation of natural, cultural and historic features that contribute to defining the unique sense of place in Boulder.
* Commitment to programs that support respect for human dignity, human rights and the inclusion of all residents in community and civic life.
* Recognition of the importance of a central area (Downtown, University of Colorado, the Boulder Valley Regional Center) as a regional service center of the Boulder Valley...
* Commitment to a diversity of housing types and price ranges to meet the needs of the Boulder Valley population.
* Commitment to a balanced multi-modal transportation system.

Far from it - this project extends urban sprawl at the periphery of Boulder, promotes only driving transportation in a congested traffic area, benefits only the already-rich developers and millionaire homeowners, destroys a natural habitat and open space vista, endangers the infirm elderly by placing them square in Boulder's worst 100-year flood plain, just yards from So. Boulder Creek, kills prairie dogs, and destroys wetlands.

Worst of all, this project disturbs a peaceful established community with years of construction and heavy dump trucks bringing thousands of loads of fill dirt to raise it out of the swamp it is!!!

Source: General Policies from the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan at