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Oh, it's been perfectly clear to me for a while. I was once the NY State chairman of the Libertarian Party. I'd still be involved with it, if it hadn't been taken over by fringe loonies hostile to religion and American armed power.

Freedom is badly endangered. I doubt any element of the current political class will help us to save it.

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This is no surprise. You can't vote for all those unConstitutional measures and still say you support limited government. At least Santorum is honest enough to admit it.

Our problem is that the GOP isn't institutionally interested in limited, Constitutional government. Its priority is raising its own folks to the levers of power. And thus it shall ever be, until a potent third force arises to reduce it to a historical datum.

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I guess that would be a Vast Fuselage Conspiracy.

But seriously, the comment that "the system is neither progressive nor conservative" contains a kernel of truth. The "system," in its broadest aspect, is:
-- Statist;
-- Dedicated to its own interests;
-- Determined to keep growing;
-- And regards anyone who would constrain it as "the enemy."

So-called "progressives" have been most successful at gaining its good offices, which is why we tend to identify it with the Left. But we must remain vigilant, for anyone who worships power is potentially a client -- and a master -- of the "system."

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Wars are lost when one party is completely destroyed...or surrenders.

We have not been destroyed. We have not surrendered.

You had better look to your defenses, for we are coming.

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I'd say about a million Americans, nationwide, would attend Breitbart's funeral -- quite respectfully -- if it were possible. Given your behavior here, I rather doubt anyone will bother to attend your funeral.

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Breitbart did everything he did on his own initiative, with his own resources, and under his own name. You aren't even willing to use your own name when you slander him here. The comparison is not in your favor.

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I am sick and tired of Islam's swift leap to mortal offense. I've proposed a preferred response, but I daresay the milquetoast in the Oval Office would never consider it.

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I rather doubt that unions would have gained a foothold in the United States if they hadn't been "licensed to bully." If the bullying ethic has now reached all the way down to schoolchildren, my only comment is: "Why did it take so long?"

Repeal Wagner-Taft-Hartley and Norris-LaGuardia, and unions other than government-employee unions will vanish.

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Oh, some of them get it all too well:

With all of their noisy devotion to the age of science, their hysterically technological jargon, their cyclotrons, their sound rays, these men were moved forward, not by the image of an industrial skyline, but by the vision of that form of existence which the industrialists had swept away – the vision of a fat, unhygienic rajah of India, with vacant eyes staring in indolent stupor out of stagnant layers of flesh, with nothing to do but run previous gems through his fingers and, once in a while, stick a knife into the body of a starved, toil-dazed, germ-eaten creature, as a claim to a few grains of the creature’s rice, then claim it from hundreds of millions of such creatures and thus let the rice grains gather into gems. [Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged]

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That would be an exciting and terrifying event. Such a state might face an invasion by Federal troops. Again, the Constitution applies:

"The Congress shall have Power...To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;"

Under conditions of insurrection, which a state-level declaration of total nullification could easily be construed as being, The Posse Comitatus Act would no longer apply. American troops might be dispatched to fight other Americans.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.