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alcoholics like Paul Morris, Fancy anonther JD with ice GA?

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Thanks Simon, with respect, it's people, just like yourself, fighting with your innerself, that will make our country, Simon, OUR beloved green country an Islamic Calfhate within twenty years. No apologise for the miss- spelling.

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The National Theatre insist on "integrated casting". I saw a production of Richard III many years ago. The Duke of Bedford was Afro Caribbean.

In Webster's "THe White Devil", one of the female characters had words addressed to her referring to her lily white hands and pale face,.despite her being far from pale faced.

The best thing one can do is try to see the funny side of it all.

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I was very pleased with the dialogue between yourself and Advanced ape.

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I think now, the best question to ask is, where can I get a good quality 'prayer mat' ?

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Sorry, can't do that, save your money, the viewing platform on the ESB has high metal railings all around. Still a good idea though. Try the Warsaw eqivilent, that hasn't.

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We all know how she feels in public but, what does she think in private?

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"British Schools Muslim Rules, tonight 8.30pm , BBC One"

If it doesn't get pulled before then.

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Not quite sure I'm more concerned about the clip as about the organisation behind it. I hve had a brief look at their website and the people behind it, so I'm going to give this clip no credence whatsoever.

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Mmm, never saw that on the BNP's website, must have missed it somewhere.