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Just another Dumb F*** from the MSM/same-old BS from the Northeast elites.. Very boring.....

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The MLK statue is "White & made in China"..... Priceless......

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Oh Al....... Little upset about all your Carbon Credits being flushed down the toilet? Al you are a Big Fat Globalist Fool and we want you to STFU... Got it Fat Boy!!!!

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Tar & Feather the little elf..... The elephant in the room is the "New Dictatorship of 13" that is going to RAM austerity down the throats of "We The People"...... New World Order here we come & it includes Loving Global Government... Going to be great slaves & serfs of the USA...... Now go back & watch Dancing With The Stars....

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Read the Agenda 21 documents as Slaves are easier to control when they are all herded into the cities..... Nothing new here as it's all part of the New World Order's plan & it's working. Nevermind American people go back & watch your moron TV, eat your GMO foods laced with Aspartame, drink your toxic fluoride water, & don't forget your flu shot. You are an easy kill to the Globalist Ba$tards......

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You think that our Bankrupt/Corrupt government is setting us up for another "Big False Flag"? Betcha it will be one of those Damn Whiteys!! Maybe a Veteran-Tea Party-Whitey cause they is the worse kind!!!!

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Public schools and ObamaCare is for the Slaves & Serfs of the USA and not for the Elite/Political Class. The Political Class is our "Royality" and we should worship them & lick their boots as that is what all good subjects do for their Masters.....

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From Wikipedia.......... "Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas". & has been to & approved by the Global Elite (North American Union & New World Order) at a Bilderberg Meeting...& BTW he was a male cheerleader like little Georgie W. Bush..... Nothing new here so move on because it is more of the same Bull $hit in USA politics.....

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Newt = Has Been... Newt get the hell out of the way & let a "REAL" small government conservative run.... No more RINOS like you & McCain.

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From what I understand it is very difficult to hold a firearm when you are dead and have been on ice for ten years. What a USA Fraud & Hoax & can't wait for the Photoshop photos to be released (if). It's all SMELLY MANURE coming from DC.......