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Hopefully Luke is punished in a court of law and pays the consequences for his actions.

I saw something interesting in other Facebook posts and general posts related to this case. I wonder if Liberty High School's administration is actually allowing t-shirts and/or buttons to be sold in support of the Genenbacher family to help pay for medical bills? I wouldn't want my child being a part of this or thinking it was a good deed to support a drunk driver or his selfish family. In the end, whether Luke Genenbacher is sorry or not his actions could have easily killed two people that night.

I don't think the lesson taught to young adults should be that it's ok to break the law and get financial backing for medical bills. I hope that is not true that this is being allowed in a public high school and if it is I would hope the administration would put an end to it. If that is the case and nothing is done then it just adds further proof that the acceptance of under age drinking and driving is accepted by the community. Maybe the lesson trying to be taught is forgiveness but I was taught that it's something to be earned by each person.

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Good points and I'm for sure not a lawyer but my guess is no judge or jury would take G very seriously in a situation like this. Maybe they would but I hope that logical people would not let a mockery be made of the justice system by even presuming G was believable that night. I think you can find enough on-line about these individuals to see that this wasn't a religious ceremony.

You may be correct, again I'm no lawyer but in this case that would be a big stretch for anyone to believe the this was part of some religious ceremony.

It would be interesting if the parents stood up and said that Luke Genenbacher was under their direct supervision before he went out got the DUI while almost killing two people. I wonder then if they would open themselves up to possible lawsuits in the case? It's a question for someone much more familiar with all of the laws than myself.

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Good job by the Illinois State Patrol and the State's Attorney's Office in this case. Hopefully all those involved with supplying Luke Genenbacher and Luke himself will suffer the consequences in a court of law for what happened to the Shimp family.

Based on other posts I have seen on this topic nothing else will get the people involved to understand they are involved with a drunk driver who almost killed two people.

It's also interesting that the people that keep preaching forgive and forget are mostly related to or are friends of the Genenbachers. Check out some of the Facebook postings done by some of the young adults and others in that community. Most of the web postings are on other on-line news stories which pertain to what happened that night. My guess is that most would be different if it was there relative or friend that could have very easily been killed by Luke Genenbacher.

I hope the judge or jury takes into account all of these things when deciding how to punish all of those involved with what happened that night.

For all those wanting to bring god and forgiveness into these debates. I somehow doubt Luke Genenbacher or the person supplying the party house were thinking of God when they contributed to circumstances which almost ended two innocent people's lives.