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Paul Goodman fatally underestimates Boris's unpopularity in the regions that voted most strongly for Leave.

Outside London and the South East, Boris is toxic.

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Chlorine washing reduced the incidence of salmonella in US chickens from 14% to 2%.

The EU banned chlorine washing in 1997: 15-20% of EU chickens are now infected with salmonella.

If chlorine washed chicken became available at the supermarket, I would not only be happy to buy it, I would actively seek it.

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Lord Ashcroft's polling, published today, suggests that the 48% now looks more like 33%. Around 59% of British people support the direction the Government is taking.

It is still important for the government to establish the widest possible consensus and bring along as many people as possible who are currently still hostile to Brexit.

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"Our destiny is to lead in Europe."

Hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh. ;-)

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If Germany could absorb 1,000,000 migrants in 2015 - albeit with some problems - why would a mere 40,000 migrants present such an insurmountable problem to Greece?

I suspect the problem might have more to do with the religious and/or ethnic background of the migrants concerned.

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Actually, Mr Wallace, it is just like sport. One sport, anyway. Premiership football.

We fail to invest in training up bright young engineers (talented young footballers) to work on designing, building and operating nuclear power stations (playing Premiership football) then wonder why we have to buy our nuclear power stations (Premiership club squads) from other countries.

The easy availability of North Sea gas was also an issue. Why invest in expensive nuclear stations when you can get power companies to invest in cheap gas-fired generating plant?

The result is a toxic combination of short term, get rich quick planning and a lack of long term investment in people.

The British Disease, you might say.

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I am not comfortable about Britain supporting a Sunni Muslim dictatorship that rules over a mainly Shia population, suppressing unrest using brutal measures. If Britain has genuine concerns about human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, we should have even greater concerns about Bahrain.

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The fundamental problem is that while "all those who care about crime, public spending and ruined lives – namely, all Conservatives" want to solve the prison problem, hardly any of them are willing to pay for it.

Rehabilitation costs money. Money that most Conservatives are not willing to pay. Most or even all Conservatives would be happy to see new prisons built, but with cutting costs the primary objective.

In the longer term, effective rehabilitation will save enormous amounts of money. The UK has reoffending rates that are twice as high as those in more enlightened countries where rehabilitation is the norm. But people in the UK, not just Conservatives, want to see criminals punished and don't see rehabilitation as desirable.

So what will happen is: New prisons will be built and old ones sold off. Running costs will be reduced. But when it comes to rehabilitation, it will be "Thanks, but no thanks." The cycle continues ...

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By far the greatest driver of family breakups is poverty. Trying to blame poverty on failing families is a fatuous argument; poverty causes family instability, not the other way around.

To that I would add, the most stable and successful families are those where a parent chooses to stay at home to bring up the children. The rise in family breakdowns closely parallels the rise in working mothers - who have no option but to farm out the care of their children to others, mostly strangers.

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Given the Conservative Party's fierce criticism of the electoral system the Labour Party used to elect their new leader, I was suprised to learn from the above article that the Conservative Party is using a remarkably similar electoral system to select its candidate for the London Mayoral election.

Just sayin'.