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If you're going to quote Tim Minchin in taking down homeopathy, the temptation to plagiarize without acknowledging the source should really be thwarted by the stronger temptation to link the bit of brilliance it came from...

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If only he had chosen Gary Brecher, THE War Nerd. But no, it's someone boring.

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Awwwww, lookit all that happy and nice and snow and such and so forth and also.

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To paraphrase Woody Allen: One path leads to xenophobic Nazis. The other, to Putin's anti-democratic iron fist. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly

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Right here on Wonkette, actually! I took issue with someone using the Palinesque phrase "Lamestream Media" and got pilloried for it. Oh, and that someone was "dashboard jesus". So I got into an online fight with Jesus. I, errr.... may have been an asshole about it too. Oh, and I insulted Keith Olbermann. I worked hard for those negative points I did!

Hey! Bidenator! I just looked over the archives and noticed that you yourself were in that comment thread. You're the bastid who gave me all that negative P, aren't you? Why I oughtta!!

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Doc, there's nothing wrong with putting punctuation outside of the quotation marks when the quote is just a brief phrase. Language has (drumroll please).... evolved to the point where it's acceptable.

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Apparently, it IS possible to have only one side involved in a bribe. At least here in Upper Canuckistan where Senator Mike (the "Puffster") Duffy took a $90,000 bribe from the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright. The RCMP rode up on their horses and charged Duffy with accepting a bribe, but are not laying charges against Wright.

"The RCMP probed those allegations, investigating Wright for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, but last April announced that the former chief of staff would not face charges. In a statement from his lawyer, Wright said his intention had always been 'to secure the repayment of taxpayer funds.'
That hasn’t stopped opposition politicians, the wider public, and even Duffy’s own lawyer from asking how it could be a criminal act to take that $90,000 cheque, but not to write it."

And you thought y'all had a monopoly on shitty "justice" south of the border.

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Eye half eh spell chequer. Watt his the bra phlegm?

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Bah! Where's the whacky antics? Where's the foul-mouthed banter? Where's the all-you-can-eat cunnilingus buffet, I ask you. Buddy's not even close to our man Ford. Not even fit to puke in his shoes, as it were.

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Actually, reporters laughed their arses off. Here's a link to a longer clip with them WTFing and laughing in disbelief right after he walks out. I particularly love the last heartfelt "I love that guy!" from off camera just before the clip ends....