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this is why people should read TPG.

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Ohhh man..
What if they came out with a Lego Styled DS.. in conjunction with the release of the game...
How about a Lego Styled PSP...


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Wait so are there gonna be Lego Styled peripherals??
I want a Lego Guitar and drums!!!

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wait... how much are psp's now?? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no seriously.....

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i agree. may be amazing enough to made me consider buying a psp..

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I saw pictures of how it used to be before the update and those were really really really bad. The update really helped with the visibility of stuff.

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What I'm not liking is the wave attack where you have to walk around to buy upgrades. I've accidentally bought unwanted weapons trying to pick up gold next to the upgrades. Not to mention, it's also time consuming.

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We should have a TPG contest to see who can get the highest 1game score...
I don't know why i suggested that b/c I can't even beat Jaden's high score from a few days back.
But Yeah, i'm impressed with this game.

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f#ck YEAH!!!
awesome. awesome. awesome.

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"Id fall asleep nightly, playing imaginary games of Tetris in my head, without intention. The blocks would just appear in that netherspace, and my brain would start rotating and shifting them."
I did that too!
When I'd ask others if they experienced the same thing, they looked at me like I was crazy.
Good to see I'm not the only crazy guy 'round here..