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What is really sad is that these UI republicans appear more than willing to continue down the path of status quo - one we have been on for the last 50 years. They appear to have no interest in finding common ground or even acknowledging the issues we face. What does it say about our society when our youth put energy into these kinds of activities...GOD HELP US ALL.

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Oh, please. Not worth fighting over girls.

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you might look like that too if you lived with an abusive husband

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and her a- hole husband was not either.

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she nor anyone else actually poisoned the milk... she met with someone who she was going to pay to do it... that is as far as it went...

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what happens in alaska should stay in alaska...

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Tea party folks... got to love them. Power grab for their corporate friends who they do their bidding for. AGAIN. The pendulum will swing back the other way much faster than I had first thought. Tea pary- stupid beyond compare. They have awakened a sleeping giant much crankier than the tea party ilk... going to be fun to watch.

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“My goal was to choose Supreme Court justices, from the available slate of candidates, who are most likely to faithfully interpret the laws and Constitution, and respect the separation of powers,” said Branstad. WEIRD! That is what the last ones were doing too and then the witch hunt began.

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We already know what happens when abortion is illegal... it merely goes underground and becomes a much nastier business.

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Dickardo: when you carry it you can decide what happens to it.