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I think Christian Bale will win. There is no surprise wins in award shows anymore. I have seen the Fighter and I think he did a really good job in it. Jeremy did put out a good performance in the Town though, but I think Christian really did a better job. From the weight loss to the Boston accent, and just for a good body of work, I think he is going to get it.

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I love it so far. It looks great.

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I say we are represented by these guys. So snarky. If they had seen gawker's new page, they would have said "hated it!!![youtube vt8kve-dEWE youtube]

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I would have to say this Bugs Bunny cup that my mom got for me from ....wait for it.... KFC!! Remember when your parents would surprise you with stuff and fast food restaurants would give out cool shit. Apparently this is still available online only through ebay. It has traveled with me to many places, most of the time used as a pen holder.

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I remember when gawker was

The original gangsters remember when was by itself. None of that hybrid bullshit. I would visit only, and maybe go the for the weekly gawker stalker.

Gawker stalker was the highlight of for me back in the day. I didn't even bother with anything else on the website. There was this poster called Tealeaf (or something like that) who would write these epic detailed accounts of the celebrities he saw.

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I initially tried to create an account at jezebel, but for some reason it would never accept me. I would always use FirstAid as my username because a book I was reading at the time started with that. I signed up an account at gawker too, but the only account that was accepted was the one with the misspelling, Firtaid. I didn't bother to correct the spelling.

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There was even a perfume named "Sunflowers". We even grew sunflowers in our New Jersey backyard at that time.

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BettyCrocker, I have missed you and your witty commentary. Fuck Gawker where people think the commenters are peasants and from the ghetto. I am sure Denton wants the Huffington crowd who bring their own brand of crazy. But just as long as there are increased page hits, everyone is happy.

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I am not addicted to To be honest for the past couple of weeks, I thought the articles were pretty weak. I do miss you guys, the commenters, that made the place great. Personally I take it as a sign that I need to move on. Even if they change it back to the original format, I am not going to post on a website that has no respect for their audience/commenters. I wish we could get together and pour out a drink for the death of 1.0