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I experienced the same problem only yesterday. It feels very worryingly un-Conservative-Home-like.

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I entirely agree with your view on "quixotic crusades." These appear however to have been the result of Premiers with one eye on their legacy rather than considered foreign policy; hence the invasion of Iraq and the near miss of an air assault on Syria.

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If your wish were granted and you got yourself a government like ours, you could find yourself in the EU one day - Then you'd be sorry.

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What precisely does someone like Brian May know about badgers and bovine TB that farmers don't?

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...a social grouping which chanced upon a political project”.

This is the phrase that stands out for me. It also happens to describe the motivation of Blair and his acolytes which was focused on creating "New-Labour" that was to be perceived as being a very different animal from the party led by Wilson, Foot and Callaghan that proved to be such a disaster when in power. As we now know to our cost the only difference it went on to represent was an even bigger disaster. In the case of the Conservative party however the comparison has to be with the party led by Margaret Thatcher; representing another very different but this time hugely positive difference. What these comparisons seem to add up to here is that since 1997 this country has been led by people who by no stretch of the imagination can be described as conviction politicians but rather by groups whose principal motivation has been to prove to themselves how clever they are. This would explain why people such as David Davies and John Redwood are not in the cabinet.

PS: What on earth is "high politics" supposed to mean?

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If we are going to perform the double act of putting more money in peoples' pockets through lower taxes while reducing our national indebtedness we need to work a lot harder on getting more for less from the public sector then hitherto. If that means telling the Lib-Dems to get knotted then so be it.

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As the considerable number of high profile trials that are to come in the wake of the hacking scandals will demonstrate, the law as it stands is clearly more than adequate to deal with illegal activities by the press. However the arguments for greater control from the likes of "hacked off" - certain members of which are always happy to exploit press coverage to further their faltering careers - appear to be more interested in exacting revenge than seeking justice. Pandering to that will be an unforgivable error of judgement.

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We should match domestic policy with foreign policy, meaning that we should no longer enable people from overseas to reside in this country if they represent any chance of a threat to public safety - Abu-Hamza and Al-Libi for example.

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What is more important than the fact of the reshuffle is whether or not it really can produce a change of direction when it comes to policies.