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I fear istockphoto is going to be calling you shortly.

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I'd have swore it would have been higher...but then again, who watches the American Music Awards?

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Only 1,500 complaints?

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"Health care reform means less money for insurance companies."

Uh...yeah Alec, that is exactly why I'm against ObamaCare. I currently have good health insurance that I would like to keep. Less money for the insurance companies means that my costs will go up to keep the insurance I like and sooner or later I will end up in the bread line with all the other hopenchangers.

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The kid broke his leg and his parents had to mortgage the house?

Does he have a platinum leg encrusted in diamonds?

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I think that Maher's handlers also glue on a prosthetic nose before he goes out...the similarities between he and MJ are striking.

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It's ridiculous to think that there will be any kind of drop-off at receiver. Austin Pettis catches anything thrown in his general direction and Titus Young is a rare talent at wideout (if he protects the ball after he catches it). Add Chris Potter, Kirby Moore, Aaron Burks, Mitch Burroughs and a slew of talented (and big) tight ends and Kellen will have a receiving smorgasbord once again. Good article, Lace. Hopefully when things normalize with my schedule FFBSU will be off the once-a-week snide. Doesn't help that the local coverage of Spring ball has been so poor.

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I may well be following your lead, JT. I am going to try to get creative to keep them...but at least for this year, I don't see how I can foot that bill. The sad thing is that on a recent poll I did on my website...57% indicated that they would NOT be renewing this year. That blows. We could have one of our best teams ever and people may not be there to see it.

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Wow...what a scoop! I didn't know that Auggie was on the outs as they say. Don't worry about the post, JT...everyone is entitled to their opinions and Augusto is only an easy target because he has (had) most of our dream jobs, but never did it particularly well.

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Do we have another podcaster now?