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I can't believe you've finished! I haven't been around consistently for the whole thing but I have dipped in and out quite frequently - and commented late pretty much every time! I can't think of a question right now but I would just like to say thank you Mark. I've really enjoyed listening to you read Discworld and the Tamora Pierce books. I credit you with the fact that I have got into audiobooks in general. I have read a number of Discworld novels I had never got around to reading before - I borrowed almost all the Tiffany Aching books from my grandfather years ago and they were still sitting on my shelf unopened. I still listen to your Tamora Pierce videos when I can't sleep and need familiar words to switch off my brain. And getting to comment with the wonderful community here has influenced the way I read all books, as I think of comments I would make if we were reading it together. I I won't be joining you for your next read because I really can't add another book to my to read pile right now, but I'll try to remember to check in for future projects, and wish you all the best

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I definitely thought the senior witches were going to put up some sort of opposition to Geoffrey. I think it would have been really interesting if Nanny was the one who put up resistance, perhaps even saying that it isn't what Granny Weatherwax would have done. This could then flesh out the realisation that Tiffany comes to that she ISN'T Granny, and can do things her own way.

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So Tiffany Aching has finally grown up. No longer just a girl filled with pride, she is now a witch filled with pride, who knows where she is and where she has come from (and so has a much better idea than anyone else about where she is going). This feels right as the ending of Tiffany's arc, with lots of references to the first book but in a way that implies fresh starts. I am also pleased that Tiffany has realised she can have things for herself rather than always thinking about others. It's left open as to whether that includes romance or not, but it's nice that she doesn't feel she has to rule that option out

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This ended as I hoped it would, with Tiffany deciding that maintaining Granny's steading was not for her (but not because she wasn't good enough) and giving it to Geoffrey instead. You expressed how I felt about this much more beautifully than I could, Mark

I did not expect to see Geoffrey go back home. I'm almost a little disappointed that Mephistopheles kicked Geoffrey's father, as the humiliation without physical violence seemed a perfect revenge to me

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I love how much Verence loves Magrat

I liked the little reference to Geoffrey's hatred of fox hunting when he gets angry at the fox fur Lord Lankin is wearing

I really like how everyone brought their own unique talents to this fight, especially Petulia using pig boring on elves!!

I had the automated captions on for this video and it translated 'I have lots to write about' into 'I have lots to worry about', which seemed apt (although less so now it appears the main conflict is over)

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I like Geoffrey and I think there was a story there to be told but you're right - having both plot lines meant neither one was properly developed. I fully expected there to be some resistance to the idea of there being a male witch (which I think would have been particularly interesting if the people, like the old men, were fine with it, but it was the witches themselves who couldn't cope with change) but there really hasn't been any

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I'm a bit surprised at the way Nanny describes the number of witches. At my count there are 11 named witches there, not including Letitia and Geoffrey (and also not counting Miss Level, who I don't remember being mentioned?) but the way the bit of them joining was written, it sounded like there were more

Wow, Mrs Earwig is so self absorbed it's practically a super power. That's amazing

I think what I would have liked to have seen in this book is for Tiffany to have had more doubts as to who she is. Perhaps considering giving up The Chalk as her steading or something. Then the ocean dream scene would have felt more like a pay off. As it was it was enjoyable, but felt like the end of a story arc that wasnt really there

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Tiffany is very clever to use Nightshade's pride against her to try to get her to consider helping

Roland is going to write to Tiffany to ask what she plans to do?? Oh, Roland. Don't ask what Tiffany will do for you, ask what you can do to help her!

Would the goblin not be able to work out Nightshade is an elf? I would have thought, especially given their experience with elves, that they would be less likely to trust appearances. But maybe he was fooled by the fact that a witch is clearly working with her

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Although in the context of this book this line means 'the age of the railway', railway time is actually a thing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railway_time

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I got that it was baby Tiffany as soon as it said 'babies' (plural) and was wondering how long it would take Mark to pick up on it

The reference to The Cunning Man is particularly well timed, as I have just finished that book! Like Mark says, I love how all the Tiffany books build on what went before, and I am so glad I decided to read them all in complement with this one.

Tiffany is treating the Feegles like you might a child, by giving them a very important and totally not made up job to do

I felt the 2 monkeys section missed a line about how 2 or more monkeys/humans working together COULD kill a wolf. It adds an extra element to the idea of the elves not developing - they are selfish and don't collaborate because they haven't had any predators/ dangers to face so they haven't needed to work together - and this stops them progressing and means wisdom can't flourish.

Please let there not be anything wrong with Nanny!