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We do not know if and when the infant was taken to the hospital for treatment. But an infant afflicted with sepsis needs resources only available in a hospital setting.

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Why don't you accurately report what Rahm Emanuel said about gangs last week??? He said that gangs "have the wrong values". That's quite different from stating that "gangs have values".

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Reminiscent of "Thelma and Louise". At least she went out with a certain flair. RIP.

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Judging just by the size of her arms, I would guess that this woman is, in fact, obese. She appears to have excessive body fat. There should be no need to sugarcoat reality. As far as these comments damaging her self-esteem, I think she is quite beautiful.

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The article has the wrong picture accompanying it. What is pictured is the Flavel Museum, on 8th Street. The derelict house described in the article is located on15th and Franklin Street. Other than that . . . .

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How can you stand yourself???

Depression is an illness. It affects people of every political persuasion. And it has nothing to do with not being able to "handle let alone recognize reality". It has everything to do with a chemical imbalance which prevents the afflicted from being able to experience pleasure in any form. It is not extreme sadness in itself; it is the inability to feel ANYTHING, to enjoy any aspect of life. Again, it has nothing to do with one's ideologies -- NOTHING. You only reveal your hopeless ignorance of the subject, by making the comment you made.

RIP, Mrs. Kennedy.

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It is to his credit that he was able to "move on" etc. He was never able to eradicate the memories of those horrors he suffered as a CHILD. He deserves every penny of that award. And it is irrelevant whether he is still a Catholic. Be careful, your sensitivity is showing (sarcasm).

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Are we supposed to be impressed because the Pope fires bishops for mismanagement and for encouraging the ordination of women??? Really???

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"As students, we're between a rock and a hard place." Wrong. In decades past, enormous student loans were not available, so the potential student was really between a rock and a hard place -- if he could not put himself through college, get money from relatives, or receive scholarship money -- he/she could not go to college, period. Kids these days don't realize how easy they have it.

The real problem is that we are raising children to believe that higher education is some sort of entitlement, which it is not. Not everyone belongs in college. Our economy, even in good times, cannot support a massive student loan program which depends on the full employment of hoards of college graduates in well-paying jobs, in order to pay back the loans.

" . . . many current students have already exhausted their eligbility for some forms of financial aid because they are returning to college after previously earning a degree." Guess what -- an individual should only be able to get a student loan in order to pursue his/her first degree. If you want more degrees on top of that -- you need to finance that on your own, without help from any student loan program -- i.e., you need to work to earn the cost of more education. The taxpayer should not have to foot the bill for more than one degree.

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I don't think that the police would use nicknames in identifying a suspect.