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So you object to "date night"? By the way, a gerund is a noun, as in "Swimming is my favorite thing to do." In "swimming time," "swimming" is a participial adjective.

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From the notoriously Islamofascist Telegraph:

His family lawyer, Abdelhadi Amrani in Brussels, who is not related to the killer, said that he had grown up in foster homes after being orphaned at an early age.

"I remember a man deeply marked by loss of his parents. He lost his father and mother very early. He was marked by fate. I would add he was a very smart boy, gifted. Nordine often spoke of his desire to start a family. He was to be married in Liege with a nurse," she said.

Miss Amrani, the lawyer, dismissed any possible terrorist motives for the attack. "He did not feel at all Moroccan. He did not speak a word of Arabic and was not Muslim. What he said is that he felt a Belgian," she said.

I see absolutely nothing about the attack on the dubious site you mentioned.

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How is that "very different" from what I wrote? By "public," I meant "state-run and -funded," like "public schools." This usage of "public" and "private" is pretty well-established in American English, I believe.

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I didn't say that. We link to Cato pieces occasionally. I'm referring specifically to the people cited in the TPM article.

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Yes, you are confused. Perhaps you meant to comment on another post, at another blog, in a parallel universe where it might be relevant.

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Deep, man.

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Again, the practicability of libertarianism has zilch to do with the point of this piece. Let's assume that Libertopia would be a nightmarish hellscape of cannibalism and bestiality. What does that have to with Krugman's dishonesty? What does that have to do with the fact that Ron Paul has said that he prefers cutting the military budget to cutting social services, whereas Krugman and co. are willing to spend money on anything -- even war -- just to spend more money?

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Wow, you and the other genius seized on minutiae and missed the central point of this piece, which is that the "peace process" is tedious, futile, and hopeless, and the U.S. should get out of it. Good work.

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Your first comment above is exactly as it appears in the database, and I don't see any comments of yours in the filter.

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I didn't delete ANYTHING. It may have gotten caught by a filter for some reason.