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Hi Jesse, We have forwarded your email on to our Southeast coordinator here in the US — And he should be reaching out to you shortly! We'd love to help in any way we can. We are excited with you all for a potential, future EE semester at your church! It is our heartbeat and passion to disciple Christians to grow through learning to share their faith and then having the tools to tell people in their circle of influences and community the Gospel. May God bless you, your church, and your Pastor! Thank you for reaching out.

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Hi Zizi! Here in America, we do find that people are very open to the Gospel. Our stats show about 60% of people you talk to (see our research with Lifeway here: https://research.lifeway.com/wp-content/uploads/2... are open to hearing the Gospel. There is a hunger to hear it! We were more known for knocking on doors back when we were established, but now we focus on sharing the Gospel with your family, friends, or people you meet in your life. We will do our On-The-Job Training (where our trainers show their trainees how to use what they've learned) by setting up in advance with the people in their lives to talk to them for the class. Last year, we saw 17.8 million people come to trust in Jesus for salvation! We have many materials to help (depending on the age group you are discipling), and you can find them at our store: https://store.evangelismexplosion.org/. EV2 is our standard semester and Share Your Faith Workshops are wonderful for one day equipping events!

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Feel free to contact our EE Changemakers coordinators, Mitch and Ashley, at changemakers@eeworks.org. They can put you on a mailing list and answer any questions that you might have.

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Thank you Dr. Simmons for sharing! We would love to help you get EE started in your church. If you go to: https://evangelismexplosion.org/contact-us/ and fill out the form we will be in contact with you. We have staff located in many places all over the country.

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We apologize for the broken link. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! Please head to http://evangelismexplosion.org/resources/answers-... for the download.

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Thank you Delilah! May God bless you as you go out and share the Good News!

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Hi Brenda! We are so glad to hear you are out sharing the Gospel!! They are available in packs of 25 on the EE Store page found here: http://store.evangelismexplosion.org/p-258-gospel...
They are also available in Spanish!

God Bless you!

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Hi Marilyn,

The Gospel Hand Presentation is very similar in to the Steps to Life found here: http://evangelismexplosion.org/resources/steps-to...

It includes the Scripture verses as well!

Hope this helps,

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Here you go Tiffany, we will look into this issue. http://evangelismexplosion.org/wp-content/uploads...

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Thank you for sharing your story with us! God's Word will never return void, there is power in the Gospel.