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We obviously don't have any confirmation, but I took that tweet to mean that it'd be a year until they needed him in the recording studio again, not necessarily a year until more pony episodes are released.

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Extremely distant cousins. So distant that no nation on our planet would legally recognize them as such. Most people from small towns are probably more closely related than Big Mac and Marble Pie would be. And it isn't even confirmed.

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Big Mac just gets all the mares.

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Well it was the last show on Discovery that was actually educational and had real science in it, so it was only a matter of time before it would be axed to make room for more shows about rednecks, strip mining, and/or living in Alaska.

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Man, every time they release one of these it becomes more and more painfully obvious that the company knows absolutely nothing about the show or it's fans. I think I'm gonna pass.

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Nooo Hot Topic pls don't put these up for order yet, I'm so broke right now. D:

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Ha ha! Nerds are awkward! That's funny!


Can we move on to a new joke now?

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Oh, you actually have to *own* CS:GO to vote for it. :c

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Honestly, I'd be surprised if the map were confined to just this season. Unless a major event happens in the S5 finale to make it go away, it seems like it's just a part of the Mane Six's duties from now on. So we'll probably get more occasional Cutie Map episodes spread out from here on.

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Historically, this hasn't been an issue. The C&D's we've all seen have involved the use of copyrighted characters and images. After all, you could say the same thing about Legends Of Equestria, which looks a heck of alot more like canon MLP than this game does, but they've been able to get around legal issues just fine by changing the names of locations and not using any of the ponies from the show.

There will always be a fine line that fan content has to walk, anyway. That's just the reality of working within an existing IP.