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***Mark Watches Supernatural, Season 4 Episode 15 ‘Death Takes a Holiday’.***

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Okay, I've been bulk buying and forgetting to share on here. There should be 7-8 clicks left on all of these so go wild. Here we go...

Okay, I've been bulk buying and forgetting to share on here. There should be 7-8 clicks left on all of these so go wild. Here we go...

Supernatural 7x04 - 7x06
Supernatural 7x07, 7x08
Supernatural 7x09 - 7x11
Supernatural 7x12, 7x13
Supernatural 7x14 - 7x16
Supernatural 7x17, 7x18
Supernatural 7x19 - 7x23

Supernatural 8x01 - 8x04
Supernatural 8x05 - 8x07

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Oh man tell me about it! I don't even get seasick usually, but the one time I did that trip it was sooo bumpy. I think the Calais-Dover crossing is bad too! Maybe I'm just not cut out for ferry crossings :')

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Leeds, maybe? That's where I am. It's not a massive city like Manchester or Newcastle, but there's some beautiful and huge parks, and a ridiculous amount of pubs, bars and unique cafes that would be more than easy enough to get some space in if needs be. There's also some lovely open public areas down by the canal, and all very close to the centre of town and the train station. There's a lot of hostels and cheap hotels (I can recommend some if you like?), three universities which would likely rent out rooms in summer time (Leeds Uni, Leeds Trinity and Leeds Beckett) or (and I totally get if you would want say no because we've only met like once) my partner and I absolutely have a spare room with a bed and everything you could feel free to crash in. Couchsurfing is pretty common around here, and we've hosted a few times in the past :)

I think trains are a great way to get around Europe, especially the UK. Pretty much all major cities can be reached easily and quickly by train, and although it gets sketchier as you get further north, it's still likely your best bet.

If not Leeds then I thoroughly enjoyed Manchester last time, and I'd be more than happy to travel there again for an event. It's not far on the train!

***Edit: Forgot to mention, if you're heading over to Ireland, you can get a ferry from Liverpool to Dublin really easily and it's quite cheap too. Don't know if that helps??

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These charts are a thing of true beauty and I am so glad you have taken the time to create them oh my GOD

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That little European Tour question mark has me very excited. It would be super cool to come hang out and eat food and read bad fic with you again!

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Gary is super super creepy to me in all ways, because although Jem is an adult now, SHE WASN'T WHEN HE GREW CLOSE TO HER. Eurgh. He fought with her when she was literally a child, and yes she had to grow up fast, but it still rubs me up the wrong way. Also, y'know, she's vulnerable and he knows it, and he's just a terrible person for even considering taking advantage of her.

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I don't know how many people on here are from the UK, but I kind of felt that along with the terrifying immigration parallels, the 'Give Back Programme' was eerily similar for me to the 'Work for your Benefits' scheme that blew up in the press a few years ago over here.

For those unfamiliar with it, it was a scheme where people on unemployment benefits were forced into going to 'retail training programmes' for various large high-street stores which lasted up to 6 months for some people, and who were told that they would lose any and all government money if they dropped out or failed to turn up. Unknown amounts of people were forced into basically working a full time job for about £50 or less per week for quite a while, before it kicked off and the tabloids got hold of it. It massively targeted vulnerable, poor people in difficult situations, and it was so gross. If anyone's interested, here's an article written by a young woman who was part of it ( I very much think it must have been at least partially inspired by that, surely.

ANYWAYS, season 2 always really impressed me with the way it represented Simon. He could have been so different, but he's so forthcoming and although so different to Amy and Kieren, seems to be good for the place. Keeps everyone on their toes at least ;) Maxine makes my skin crawl more than a little.

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