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Is this the type of behavior we expect of our leaders? If so I hope we don’t expect to get very far.
I do not recommend anybody join The National 912 Project. I strongly recommend that you do not donate funds to The National 912 Project Inc. If you wish to donate money to a political campaign do so directly and not through a PAC. Whenever you donate to this or any PAC exercise due diligence and confirm the group and its activities are legitimate but always remember that whatever it was which inspired you to donate may not necessarily be what your donation goes to.

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Later that evening I attempted to log in to the National 912 site so I could cancel my account there, apparently I had already been kicked out. Within minutes of this attempted log in the phone rang again, same number, I heard two broken syllables from the caller I asked them to repeat themselves but was already cut off. I tried to call back but was diverted straight to voice mail but could not leave a message the mailbox was full. The founder of this group is from Hollywood Florida and I don’t know anyone else in this state. I don’t believe in coincidences.
I find it amusing that this organization will not address the issues of today but will go out of the way to address the issue of me. The only good thing here is that I have been excommunicated from this organization by the holy founder.

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After posting my comments last week this group or its leaders took some small actions against me. First I received an email inviting me to a voice meeting on Sunday evening. The subject header of this email said “Put up or shut up” ,the body of this message called me a keyboard warrior and essentially tried to call me out. I may be a “keyboard warrior” we all use what is available to us. If I had been available to attend this meeting I still would not have attended; never fight a battle on an opponents terms. On Tuesday I received a phone call which I was unavailable to answer and they left no message. On Wednesday morning I received another call from the same number. After saying “hello” several times to be answered with silence I hung up. Two hours later came another call from the same number with the same result. I tried to do a reverse look up but could not afford to pay for the full results of this so I only know that these calls were coming from Hollywood Florida.

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Me standing on a mountain to annouce what I found.

Last week I responded to a post indicating my skepticism and concerns over a specific group, The National 912 Project. My concerns were based around the organizational structure and leader of this group. After looking more closely at the posts on the site I realized the source of my concerns about the structure. This is not an online community it is a Political Activist Committee. From looking at the only page available before joining there is no way to know this. As a result people are joining this PAC without knowing what it is. If I had known I would not have joined. A PAC engages directly with politicians and provides funding for campaigns, they essentially buy political power. I have long believed that this is one of the sources of corruption in our political body. While these are nonprofit organizations it is, or should be, obvious how the leaders of such groups will profit from them directly or indirectly. While I do believe that as 912ers we should engage with, endorse, and support political candidates we can believe in I do not believe this is the way. It is my belief that we can achieve a better less corruptible affect through a community than a PAC.

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If you leave a company for another company that offers coverage under the same insurance provider with all the same coverage selection options this still requires a change to your policy. So under this national policy no one can change employers and keep their private coverage. So to state the obvious, this would guarantee the elimination of private insurance in less than one generation.

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Please read the whole statement. I said I was a member of this group and that group. I have no problem with KCFreeman or the 912coalition. KCFreeman is the owner of the online communiity but he is not trying to lead anything he simply put together a structured online community. Yes I did mean Patrick this error probably came straight out of fedup's original post.
My thoughts are not all over the place nor are the statements in my previous posts.

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Who would say that? Somone speaking in irration over a dishonest statement made by a self proclaimed leader of a national organization. The line you quoted is not libel or slander. None of the statements I made are untrue and my stated concerns or fears were stated as just that and so they also are not slander or libel. I have to say that the efforts I have seen you pursue here are respectable and I do support them. However, you should put the punch glass down and take a good look at this organization and tell me my concerns are unjustifiable. If my concerns are true then this group needs to be dissolved by its own members. Your threats of legal action on this matter are no better or worse than my own statement of intent. They only add to the idea that there is something seriously wrong there.

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You are right. What I think what we need is a better structure to organize as a community on the state and local levels which could be linked on a national level. This would enable us to maximize the effect of all actions taken by these groups. We curently have a growing number of such groups which are duplicating efforts aimed at the same goals. We simply need a better organized community so we can get all our voices behind these efforts. We don't need a leader or even a spokesperson as there are dangers inherent to both.

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I am involved in the group and will remain involved until such time as my fears are confirmed. If you are not a part of the chosen 20 that ulitimately make the decisions for all the state and local groups beneath them you should question this as well. I thought the goals were fine but the further statement of not acting on the issues we are faced with today is self defeating at best and I stated that in my first post there. If they don't operate through postings and emails what are they doing in an online community and are they operating at all. I followed one of his threads and found him a little offensive in the way he continuously put up dictionary definitions as if those he was debating needed to be educated in the english language. I'm sure he does sound very friendly and welcoming, the Devil often does. As far as digging for myself, you should be careful what you wish for. If I find my fears confirmed and he is just grabbing at power for himself I will not only leave the group I will destroy it on my way out. :|

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Its not legal and the only reason it hasn't been investigated or chalenged is because congress seems unwilling to challenge their new king and that is what gived him the power to do whatever he wishes. A week or so back there was a member of congress that said he was starting a resolution to have the czars go through the same approval process as any other appointment. I think that is dangerous because it would legitimize this position which is a vast expansion of presidential power which also removes accountability from the president for the actions of the people in these posts. There needs to be a resolution from congress to disolve these posts before they expand to the point of giving the office of president absolute power over the people and they are getting dagerously close to that point.