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See Jon Stewart explain it all -- including all of Bibi's "the sky is about to fall" presentations over the years, and his assurance that toppling Saddam was a good idea for regional stability.. Really, he makes great speeches for the audience of his intoxicated Republican admirers, but **** poor policy analyses.

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The Michaelson article was so smug and insipidly "wrong" that it was almost harder to challenge than if it had argued some reasonable point of view. You had the standing to do what needed doing: thank you.

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Bibi has -- and has had -- many platforms for his view of things. "It's only fair..."??! What nonsense: Since when does a foreign politician have the right to rebut US policy on the floor of the Congress?

This sort of article would make more sense if the term "pro-Likkud' were used in place of pro-Israel. All the American cited/quoted are pro-Israel, with different ideas of what true concern and support might be.

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Yes, it's critical -- of the diplomatic policy of the US and the EU and those working to avoid war.

There is little he can say that he has not already (some of which his own military disagree with), and he has many places her could say it again if he wished, but this platform will -- as it did in the past -- make wonderful campaign ad material for him at home.

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If the White House were really "coming out fighting," it would have declared Dermer Persona Non Grata or at least strongly suggested he be called home or brought the US Ambassador back for a while or... ??

For whatever it may be worth, it took some higher perhaps more subtle ground: used the Israeli election as reason for not meeting and allows Biden to be busy and...

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Need a sidebar on evolution of bobbypin/hairclips...

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And if you believe Dermer's version of this episode I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in.

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Easy to understand that most members of Congress will not choose to boycott Bibi's big moment -- but harder to justify their participation in the sort of manic applause and standing ovations he got the last time. AIPAC meeting down the street is the place for that sort of thing.

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"Supporting the State of Israel,' even strongly, is one of those phrases whose meaning is.... fluid, shall we say? Jews, as well as those of other faiths, may differ on what sort of support is truly in that nation's best interests -- let alone how that is related to support for SPLC.

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One thing to mourn the Jews lost -- another to claim them for burial in Israel and use their deaths as excuse for tactless urge to aliyah. There's sharing grief, and there's politicking for the upcoming election.
A shande... when it could have been other if there were another more menschlich to represent.