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yup, how tho?

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I bought an iphone4s 5.0.1 with Sprint (USA) carrier here in Dubai (the middle east), I then bought the rgknse 4s r-sim, cut my Dubai sim (network name: Du) put them together and followed all instructions carefully, plenty of times. I then restored my iphone 4s, it says iPhone with the slide to unlock at the bottom (like a new setup), I slide to unlock, select language, tap next, select country, tap next, select wifi network, tap next, then it says the sim is not compatable message (this was all done with the Sprint sim in). I've tried adding the Du sim in and trying the same setup, but the same outcome. I then tried to bypass activation by pressing home button, dial 112, cancel by switching phone off, wait, redial, then you can bypass, that does not work aswell. Then I downloaded redsn0w 0.9.10b6, followed instructions to jailbreak and as soon as there are 5 seconds left before being jailbroken, it pops up a message saying, my device (something something) not compatable in DFU mode or something like that. I've tried this many of times and many of ways, still nothing. So now im stuck in the grey activation or setup screen stage. Lastly, I've just tried Absinthe 0.3, it was simple, just plug iphone directly to PC and click jailbreak, Absinthe recognised my Iphone, the version and other info which accepts it, i click jailbreak and just as it's about to jailbreak, an error message stops it saying, "Error: device allready jailbroken detection stash". I go back to my iPhone go through activation setup and after tappin next in the select wifi connection, it says my sim is not compatible.

WOW! thats alot, please help as there are many others with the same issue that you could help...

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I've recently bought an iPhone 4s 5.0.1 with the Sprint carrier, locked to the US, here in Dubai, I restored factory settings, tried the redsnow activation bypass/jailbreak but never worked, I then tried the absinthe jailbreak and it says error device has already been jailbroken, so now im still stuck at the damn activation screen! Could it be the sim carriers or what? please help me, im sure there are many others with this issue and searching days and days to fix it.

(SIM not valid grey screen)

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absinthe v-0.3

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Oh, it was locked to sprint

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Below is the error message i am getting while doing jail break on step five:


you have connected Iphone 4S in DFU MODE

there are currently no supported operations fr this device in DFU MODE.

iPhone model:Iphone 4S 5.0.1
im doing everything redsnow tells me, but 5 seconds before the 3rd step after clicking next, it says the above message. PLEASE HELP