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God help us. What a bunch of atheist losers

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One more thing..Your other wise rational argument, was tainted by sarcasm and pejorative language..Your champion ,Elizabeth Anscombe, was a CHRISTIAN philosopher, so it's illogic,if not disingenuous, to prove the results of the "study", by using the intellect of a "religious" person and thus," less intelligent",according to your report, than an atheist... .Besides, after Liz's "victory" in the debate with C.S.Lewis., Elizabeth faded back into obscurity, back to the ivory towers of academia..Meanwhile.We ,the "devotees" of C.S.Lewis., continue to enjoy his movies ,books ,poems this day.....,our wits non-diminished..
Do one more thing. Go, visit Lewis' remembrance garden. Sit awhile and ponder the subtlety of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:It's not just for simple minded children you know. Consider Aslan.

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Give me an exampleWTE,just one,of an atheistic country,,say the former Soviet Union,or North Korea ,that had ,or has, freedom of thought . Maoists had their :little "Red Book"with all the thinking spelled out for the proletariat zombies. .Wonderful "free thinkers" don't you think .These atheistic havens of "free speech", ,make the excess of the dark ages of popery ,look benign in comparison. f.y.i. Galio was a Christian(as were all the great masters),. in, case you thought that he was an atheist.

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By faith, ,just as the atheist puts faith in the unscientific "theory of evolution" Show me the "missing link"? explain how the "big bang " happened?.Thought so:no can do..

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About my query, as to whether C.S.Lewis became less intelligent ,when he forsook the sterile, atheistic outlook on life,and found meaning , through the Lord Jesus Christ, for his life(I do not concern myself with other religious beliefs) Is there no champion for atheism to answer this question? Me thinks "ignorance is bliss" as far as atheists are concerned.
P.S. Please do some research on C.S. Lewis( if ignorant of this great apologist for Christianity). By- the -way, there is a commemorative garden in his honour, at the former Holywood Arches,

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C.S.lewis became an atheist;He wasn't born one,he became one.Later in life,when he "wised-up", he came to know the Saviour and became a Christian.Did that make him "less intelligent?"Remember this, atheists, if you start with a flawed premise,you will, inevitably, end up with a false conclusion.
God cannot be measured by finite minds,nor can His church.
Please read "Pascal's Wager"

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stupid is as stupid does Atheists would have no reason to exist if it was not for God..

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the cops got what they brought on themselves. Intimidating and attacking hard working peaceful loyal supporters of the state against scum traitors ,supporters of an alien state..The death throes of republicanism is a thing of beauty.

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And if she had been less attractive? What an idiotic comment

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some clothes horse; some posh bloke.
PADDY what occupation did your mother put down on your bc ?,(assuming you're legitimate?) scag