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"...Your distinction is not answering the question..." Booyah! and Hooah!
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Good movie! Saw it on Video-On-Demand. Compelling. If you've got On-Demand, buy it, watch it. It's worth it. It will certainly get people talking.
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EAv is fun if you've got the extra time. I joined not too long after you. I was hooked in the excitement, and loved to watch my stock price go up. The traffic to my blog was negligible at best. For a blog promoter, no, for an aggregation which give you some idea of what people are thinking of your blog and posts, basically your value on the internet, maybe. But that's a weak maybe. I did meet some cool new Atheists, but I couldn't justify the amount of time I was spending playing the game, versus writing for my blog, and promoting it elsewhere. The traffic I receive from Facebook, and Twitter in an hour is worth more than a full day of playing on EAv. I stopped using EAv almost a week ago for blog promotion.

One thing I did learn, quite surprisingly and by complete accident, is that LinkedIn is phenomenal. Not so much in the "quantity" of traffic, but the "quality" of that traffic. LinkedIn not only rocketed to my 5th best referrer, but the quality of the traffic surprised me. Normally my page views per user is about 2 on average and the time they spend on my blog is somewhere around 2-5 minutes. LinkedIn traffic produced traffic which viewed an average of 6.6 pages, and spent 25 minutes or more on the site reading my posts. I'm saying this because there are much better ways to get quality traffic to your site or blog.

Just as a note: I'd like to pay homage to "Atheist Revolution". Traffic from here is my second highest quality traffic in my stats. Readers from here spend an average of 14 minutes reading my blog, and viewing an average of 4.9 pages per visit. is my 3rd best referrer for the month of June. Thanks vjack!!! Your blog rocks!

The point being, if you really want quality traffic to your blog, you should work hard, write hard, and interact with other bloggers.
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You don't see Christians stepping up to pay for the vandalizing of our signs. This just shows that Atheists are good without god.
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Great points, and ones I'm always willing and happy to use against religious folks who profess their belief with the phrase "the bible says". The problem is most don't even know what the bible says.

4. Most Americans are religiously illiterate.

It's amazing to me that such a large portion of those claiming to be christian, and who aggressively defend their belief, don't know much about their holy book. Theirs becomes an argument from ignorance.
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No. You can't choose a "lack" of belief.

Atheism is natural because all human beings are born Atheists.
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All 4 of your specific points are valid and true, and I believe there's ONE thing that can explain all your points very clearly.

Theists have been brainwashed by negative propaganda campaigns against Atheism put forth by the Church and other theists throughout history, their hate is based on ignorance perpetualized by intellectual dishonesty and failure to face the truth. When one cannot face the truth, one attacks the truth and defends their ignorance with lies and propaganda.

Theists are ignorant of what Atheism truly is.
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The reason I'm an Atheist: "No god is provable." <-------There's two ways to read that.
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This kind of belief and irrational rationalization in the mind of the believer is probably not going to change. I've been in countless debates with theist friends and family members lasting hours upon hours, and they all come to the same conclusion. Somehow I'm bitterly angry with god. It's their complete lack of rational and logical thought that fails miserably at being intellectually honest with themselves and really has nothing to do with me given the simple fact I can't be mad at something I don't believe in. The point of this is that I feel there's no point in debating a theist because they don't deserve the time it take me to debate them. Richard Dawkins was right

I'd much rather use my time uniting Atheists, rather than debating theists who think I'm mad at a god I don't believe exists. It's a complete waste of time.
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A poem comes to mind.

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
- Emma Lazarus - "The New Colossus" Engraved on the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty, freedom and the protection of our youth is of the utmost importance.
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