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The fact that the guy had a visa to enter the US, after his father told our State Department about his concerns, and his travel history, is enough to start firing some people, forget about what the Dutch did or didn't do. How many Americans have to die, before our government starts worrying more about their safety than it does about what makes foreigners happy? Maybe it's time to quarantine Islam, until the Jihad is called-off.s. I

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Begley is just like any other religious fanatic, more than happy to impose his beliefs and values on others. Like liberals the world over. They want to force everyone to pay higher taxes, but you never hear them suggest that Democrats get different tax forms, so they can volunteer to pay higher taxes, and leave the rest of us alone. Just like the way Hollywood touts liberal environmental laws, while their very livelihoods rely on millions of televisions running, around the clock, using un-told amounts of energy - that ISN'T generated by wind or solar.

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Unfortunately, "Moonbeam" will probably become our next governor, and guarantee that the Democratic California legislature and bureaucracy continues its historically anti-business reign of economic terror over the people of the state. I guess California, like New York, are just going to have to disintegrate, and let the people re-configure them after the collapses. Maybe we can just sell them both to China, so Obama can borrow more money to give his friends and supporters.

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Chicago Mayor is an idiot, or a traitor.

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Ms. Portman should stop to consider, what she would think, and how she would react, to my attempts at imposing my religious/philosophical beliefs on her? How many millions of people have died, down through the ages, because of people like her, do things like this?

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If you look at California's economic and social situation, and stop to consider that the Democrats have dominated our legislature for decades, you have a pretty good idea what impact another Democratic congressman will have on Congress, and on the national economic and social situation. California is a perfect candidate for euthanasia.

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Considering how his policies are going to impact their future standard of living, if Obama doesn't scare little kids, nothing should.

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If there weren't so many indications that Obama is simply out to destroy our economy, and our society, so he and his kind can remake it according to their Marxist beliefs, a casual observer would simply think that he's an idiot. He's NOT brilliant, by any stretch of the imagination, but he is good at lying, as long as there's a pre-written script, and a teleprompter off which he can read it. An "American" leader, who truly wanted to improve the lot of the American people, would be pushing for legislation that spurred development and production of ALL forms of energy from domestic sources, to make all energy cheap, to make American firms more competitive, and to raise our standard of living, by reducing energy costs through abundance. All the rest of this talk is crap, and is only designed to impose more government control over the American people, and to extract more of their money, and their freedom.

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Consider, how our government is HIV, compared to H1N1, and how they want to treat obesity, or cigarette use? Can you see a politician suggesting that people with HIV, or who engage in dangerous lifestyles, be fined, or pay higher insurance rates?

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It's called New Speak. Re-read Orwell's "1984". Think of it like the nazis offering "showers" to the Jews. You don't announce that you are going to injure someone intentionally, because they might resist. These are very dangerous political criminals, just like their friends in Cuba and Venezuela.