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The scary thing is, these politicians actually believe what they're saying! Delusional, paranoid, narcissistic , psychopathic murderers see themselves as always right and someone is always out to get them.

The insane assylum is full in Washington, and our deranged "leaders" are seeking to drag the rest of us into suicidal oblivian!

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US Empire is full tilt evil. It is a great horror to watch the continuing madness that is unfolding before our very eyes, as places like Venezuela and Iran are already being decimated by onerous sanctions with a real desire to starve to death large populations of people in those countries and to obliterate their economies.

Surely a sowing of the whirlwind is long overdue here in the US. Tragedy, despair, and chaos are on their way.

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We should all take to heart Jonathan's last bit of advice here--"Standing on the edge of an abyss should be no time for boredom. It is a time for deep reflection, and rapid personal and collective growth." It's time to awaken and speak the truth collectively to so many destructive evils that are being thrown at us by the desperate powers that be that know they are running out of time.

Really, I think beneath all the lies, deceptions, and sheer propaganda keeping us so complacent and obedient, the few evil minions that work the lights and the curtains are desperately fearful of the light of truth and a great awakening amongst the people. They are cowards at heart. Boldly speaking truth will expose their deeds and bring the whole mess crumbling down. It is time to wake up!

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tibetancowboy, good response! I grew up in northern NM and am very familiar with the Four Corners area. Beautiful place. I now live in a small rural town in southcentral MO in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. Lots of water out here that is still remarkably clean. There are more people living a fairly self-reliant lifestyle out here than many places in the US.

You're right about encouraging more people to begin looking for a place to set up a more sustainable lifestyle as we observe the inevitable economic crash that's looming on the US landscape. It's not when the crash is coming, but how soon!

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The US is always "picking at old festering scabs" instead of finding hopeful and diplomatic approaches to making things right between itself and other countries. What harm would it be to remove all sanctions off the North Koreans, sign a peace treaty between the two nations, and allow Kim to do his part in further denuclearizing his country? There is no two-way street when it comes to dealing with the US rogue state. Its their way or the highway.

The US hegemon is fast losing its clout on the world scene.

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Charles Hugh Smith is one of my favorite economists. As a novice when it comes to understanding how money and the lack thereof makes the world go round, I find Smith's musings on all things financial down to earth and very understandable to the average layperson.

Form the looks of things, we had better be ready for an extended time of steep financial downturn in this country and worldwide.

It's time to start a productive garden, put in a large cistern, buy a few good portable water filtration systems, obtain a flock of laying hens, and most importantly build some strong alliances with as many like-minded neighbors as I can. Oh, and one more thing: disconnect more often from all electronic devices for longer periods of time!

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Justin, spare me your over-the-top Trump accolades! Do you really believe that Trump was just attempting to make the neocons he has surrounded himself look ridiculous? Trump is part of the ridiculous charade that makes up the puppet regime in DC! No, the Venezuela fiasco is not about Trump playing "three-dimensional chess against his neocon buddies. Trump is the chief bungling puppet of an ever-increasing insane gong-show in Washington.

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Did we really need the panel of "comedians" to profanely explain the sheer ignorance and stupidity of this lost little school girl from the NYTimes? Why not just show the Joe Rogan interview without the interruptions, it would have been much more effective.

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The invasive, groping, and incompetent TSA that was immediately organized and set up in every American airport following the false flag attack on the US on September 11th, 2001 was put in place with something much more sinister in mind than ensuring that the "flying public would be safe from terrorist attacks."

It has been a very successful experiment in authoritarian control and complete submission to that control by the American people.

James Corbett has a very interesting six-minute video on this subject on his site "The Corbett Report. Here's the link: https://www.corbettreport.com/tsa/ It's well worth the watch.

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So these are our "representatives"? Their responses to Max's questions concerning the Venezuela issue are intentionally vacuous and evasive because they are government drones. There is not a shred of conscience or passion or the ability to articulate a simple coherent thought that is their own. "Collective imbecility" is their protective cover as they go from one unproductive meeting to another in their pursuit of further fleecing the American people and the world.

One quick question. Why do millions of people still flock to the polls to vote for these most incompetent and criminal elements of our society to rule over us every few years? We remain a zombie nation.