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In the style guide from Hasbro, she is taller. I just compared everyone.

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This could work too.

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And especially, make it an event where people AREN'T selling their comics and other goods. I was thinking the first year I went to webcomics weekend in Mass could have been a great opportunity for this.

However, the focus was more on panels and tables selling t-shirts. :C

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I like where this post is going and you make a lot of good points.

Generally when one breaks the Wordpress/Comicpress model it seems like there is a lot of confusion and whining. I do a 4 panel strip webcomic where the panels are presented vertical rather than the "normal" horizontal orientation like everyone else is doing. Apparently people don't want to scroll. Could have forseen that, I suppose. For my comic I'd like to see the infinite scrolling thing. That way they'd have to scroll forever. It'd be like torture for them since the complainers hate the scrolling.

I can see the downfall with the infinite scrolling vs ad revenue, for sure. I don't use ads on my site, so I could care less about that, but I know a lot of people who rely on the ad revenue from their webcomics.

I think that the way we view webcomics needs to change on the web. Especially with things like iPads and smart phones without having to go the app route.

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Ugh, I absolutely hate the simulated turn-the-page on the web. It seems really gimicky and a lot of comics have done it. When I find a webcomic that use this as their only way to view (especially if it's in some sort of Flash) I don't come back no matter how good the comic is.

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Who surfs the internet at work.... really?

Maybe I should get back to work. T.T;

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I'm enjoying these con strips. Also, love her expression on panel 2.

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This is what it was like to live in Savannah, GA.

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See you at ConnectiCon! I didn't get a Jimmy fanart in for the contest, but I'll be sending one in super late just because I want to.

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Haha. Those look huge too.