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You probably think World Federation Wrestling is real too. Bush and Obama have the same agenda. It is obvious, but when you are brainwashed it is the same as being blind. It is impossible to see.

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This is very sad. It reminds us that we are but a vapor. Here one moment and gone the next. Andrew Breitbart certainly made a difference in our lives. We have lost a great person.

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I've read your comments to others and you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. You must be getting a government check. Plus I think you are a troll that who likes to call people names when you can't logically debate them.

You are brainwashed for sure,...it's obvious if you think GWB was a great President!

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Well, I had to make it simple for brainwashed people like yourself. The first reaction to having your core beliefs challenged is anger, which you have displayed nicely.

I think it is ignorant for anyone to think that people with similar goals and the wherewithal to accomplish them do not get together and make a plan on how to bring about those goals. Of course this is done in secret or why bother. So would you call those people conspirators? Don't be so angry that you throw basic logic out the window. People do conspire in secret on many different levels in society. Why is it so ridiculous to imagine it happens at high levels of politics or international banking as an example?

One good example is the Federal Reserve. The members are secret, they meet in secret, and they plan their agenda in secret. We as the American public only get to see what they want us to see and hear only what they tell us. Are these people of the Federal Reserve conspirators? Do they conspire to achieve their goals and not for the best welfare of the American people?

Some conspiracies are theories and others are obvious, but you are ignorant trying to marginalize someone's argument this way.

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The 2 party system is really a one party system and has been for some time now. It is a deception to think the even if Romney beats Obama, things will change. Anybody except Obama is ridiculous!

Bush = Obama Lite / Romney = Obama White Until you realize that Bush, Obama, and Romney have the same agenda, then you are brainwashed.

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I think she is classy and very attractive. She was very concerned for Ryan's condition,...nice. What can you say negative about her?

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Was he drunk?

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The truth is like a drink of water to a thirsting man. It is so rare today that it is more precious than gold.

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What is wrong with everyone, this was funny! I think I hear a "fatwa" being issued! hahahahahahaha

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As Obama stands now, Jesus will say to Obama, "I never knew you." So it really doesn't matter if Obama says he is a Christian or if he were to say I believe in Jesus Christ, because even Satan believes in Jesus!