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I think the BNP is dead in the water its going nowhere! Griffin and Dowson are just hanging on to make as much money as they can out of it,
a new party must be started as soon as its feasibly possible.
After seeing what is being achieved by other far right parties and the quality and level of professionalism shown by them it makes us look like rank amateurs.
It is now been proved that the far right parties are electable so what are we going to now do about it ?? I am just so frustrated by our own pathetic efforts to get into power.

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Yes I to think this is the only way forward

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Take no notice Simon I am so annoyed with Morris that I posted on his miserable site he did publish my post
calling him a Lier and slagging off us honest people I GOT A -23 LOL

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Morris you are the biggest liar of all why dont you stop your foul mouthed tirade against honest people

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The Nation Party its ok but will soon be abbreviated to just the TNP to near to the BNP we have got to get something that does not
conjure up the spectre of the National Front

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I have never seen a thermometer go up and down so fast !!!!!!!!

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Why does he keep appearing in court well that's because he is an Idiot

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And Yes

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I must admit I feel the same way

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I worked in accounts for years at Shell I was responsible for millions of pounds ! the BNP accounting system looks to be a shambles a child could do better.