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I listened to the audio for a change and it was fun to hear the voice try to say 'nationalised'.
I can only agree with what you say. If we're stuck with capitalism then it certainly needs to reinvent itself (though if it knows government will bail out its excesses will it do so) but the hard part is getting power in the hands of the pawns (the consumers and voters who seems to have got used to the feeling of being endlessly kicked and see it as 'just the way it is'). The bizarre thing in my eyes is the prospect in Britain that just when we're reigning in the excesses of the free market (though sadly with a government still too beholden to big business interests under the excuse of job creation) it's highly likely the majority will vote back in those who played a very large part as the original architects of much of what we're experiencing now in Britain. In truth it's the media that decides.Choices, what choices?

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You've got the January blues bad haven't you. Annoyingly it hasn't much affected me this year (no sense no feeling).I've become a complete non believer in any central governments ability to ultimately do more good than harm (which in itself is an annoying point of view probably).All that tedious negative liberty stuff. Would that another cup of tea would make it all right.Here's to the promise of spring.

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I like a nice bit of dystopian contemplation on a Monday morning.You're right re allowing government to erode our freedoms. We have been sleepwalking into a very different Britain over the past decade and it is probably largely our own fault because the lure of the consumer society carrot gave enough people a feel good factor to not worry about what may have been happening away from the Plasma TV,s, home cinema systems, home ownership and easy credit. The erosion of a sense of being part of a community for many makes protest harder on anything other than an individual level. Many of us are bad at change and find it unnerving to contemplate a different way of doing things so the dangers are we coast along even further with the devils we know rather than the take responsibility for playing our own part in moving towards a very different way of doing things. The dangers are that we coast along with the devils and ways we know especially if enough of those that wield a disproportionate amount of power benefit from it.