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Hey Folks: Just a thought, but how about having our tea parties focus on Voting Out Incumbent Candidates Everywhere? VOICE. Nancy Pelosi is trying and succeeding in buying votes on bills including the horrifying for Cap and Trade. But what if that tactic will not work in the long run as we band together to vote out incumbents? This will mean that we have to support alternative candidates and force our local, state and national Republican committees to run candidates or run them ourselves. In New York State the rate or incumbent re-election is 98%. We can't be having that any longer. If we can get a critical mass of incumbents defeated in 2010 it may put the fear of God into the rest of Congress.

On another note: Fulan Gong has this interesting civil disobedience tactic of amassing themselves at strategic points and standing there in silence. How might Congress react to a large number of Americans standing in front of the Capitol dead silent, staring at them?