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For the more college orientated ones:

I have to be absolutely correct and will point out all your minor mistakes douchebag.
Same as above but I'm completely wrong and will force others to buy my bullshit douchebag.
I will shirk off on group projects then act like it never happened after its over douchebag.
The everpresent "oh that's cool but I have a better story that never happened" douchebag.

I could go on but now I'm all angry inside.

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I currently have over 500 requests (friend, group and application) sitting in my requests tab. I don't pay attention to them anymore.

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It is a major pain to get the cards to work.

Boils down to you holding the card sideways and barely moving it to make sure it reads it.

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you were fighting ninjas or something, right?

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It better follow the manga because the first series had a completely different story that is in no means close to the manga. The manga wins as my hands-down favorite still continuing story.

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2 suggestions for everyone, not just Jeff. 1. Use Firefox if you aren't already. There's a setting in there somewhere to make it default block all popups and just give you a notice about them. 2. Get the NoScript addon. It blocks any untrusted Flash, Java, etc. from going off.

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Indeed, screw the olympics, she should just do modeling

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I dunno, hairy brooklyn guy seems off for Dr. Manhattan and Spectre lady

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Hooray for twitter being down currently!

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One of them has an Alien-like shooting tongue thing. Why can't humans have that?