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Thanks Michelle, you're a good friend. I'm not sure this is "proof enough" for our friends who struggle to accept a "non-disciplinary" atonement... I'd need to gather enough Bible verses to legitimize these reflections. But all the proof-texting in the world can't overcome equal and opposite proof-texting. Hopefully, the Spirit really does move...

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Thanks Tobias, thanks Michelle!!

Tobias, there MAY be a recording coming. It depends on how successfully we can download it from a friend's iPhone. Will upload if we're successful.

Peace ;)

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Ha, thanks Michelle!

FYI, this was a joke post (hence the "you bastards"). Maybe not everyone got that.

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Agreed, Ben.

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Thanks everyone! Ben, thanks for the thoughtful post. To be sure, it is always delicate and perhaps perilous to critique other Christians. Likely, we all do it too easily. And saying "I save my harshest critiques for myself" (which is true) isn't an excuse to say whatever I want about others, either.

The text from Phil 1 is a good corrective to too much judgment, but would we apply it in the face of critiquing a Bishop guilty of molesting children? Or a racist church advocating hate and perhaps violence? Do we bite our tongue when a pastor is a villain, simply because he is a Christian? I think not. And when a local community of faith does not hold its pastor accountable, that is one thing, and it is unfortunate. But in an age of Christian Celebrity, Driscoll becomes a "pastor" on a national stage. All celebrity pastors exert themselves beyond the boundaries of their local parishes, and so open themselves up to critique, rebuke and chastisement from anyone who hears their words, because in the age of celebrity, all who hear these words become indirectly associated and connected to the public personality. We can't apply 1st century sensibilities of "community" and "connectedness" to a 21st century virally social-networked society.

On his blog, Steve Lewis (http://spiritfarmer.com/2012/02/breaking-news-mark-driscoll-repents) writes:
"I’ll say that having worked in the same city as Mark, I’ve had numerous occasions of having to deal with messes Driscoll created. I have had a number of common friends with Mark over the years, and I’ve had several interactions with him myself. I know first-hand that he’s been approached many times in gentle ways for restoration, but the result is always the same. I am not the ultimate arbiter of what is sin and what isn’t, but by Mark’s own definition, he has sinned in very public ways, and in my opinion, he needs to be brought to account in a public way."

Same city or not, all of us are "in relationship" with Driscoll and his rhetoric.

Your caution is well-said Ben, and I don't take it lightly, but if the people do not cry out against a dictator, who will oppose him?

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Al, great points about continuing to restate, reword and revisit some of the same messages. It reminds me of Martin Luther responding to complaints, "When will you preach something other than the Gospel?" He said he would keep preaching the Gospel because - essentially - the people weren't getting it.

And as usual, thank you for your gracious words - more kind than I think I deserve. You're a good friend.

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All right! Good to be certain.

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Oh rats, but I think Frank Viola already wrote that, AJ ;)

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I love spam comments that are tailored to look somehow personal and complimentary. I'm so touched!

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Dr. Okulam, a pleasure (and an honor) to have you visit! Thanks so much for stopping by. As I said, it was very interesting getting to watch the debate at OSU, and delightful interacting with you briefly via e-mail afterward. I think we're still facebook friends, so we'll have to keep in touch.