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Another interesting tangent, pertaining to probable government deceit of the public: read about the USS Liberty attack on June 8, 1967--did LBJ really say he wanted that American naval ship to sink to the bottom of the ocean and he didn't care if all the sailors drowned, all to protect our ally from embarrassment? Why did the American military planes sent out by nearby ships to render aid to their fellow American sailors get recalled by Secretary of Defense MacNamara?

Some of those speculating about the 9/11 aftermath—the War on Terror--theorize that it’s more about the pipelines in the region, or maybe about keeping us embroiled in perpetual fear for our safety help make us more willing to accept encroachments to our individual constitutional rights [i.e. the Patriot Act], thereby smoothing the road to the “New World Order” and the relinquishment of our sovereignty, or that we are being overly influenced by entities in the international arena. These are valid concerns, considering that presidents past and present have publicly spoken favorably of the NWO, and or considering who has gained or stands to gain as a result of our actions in the "War on Terror". BEWARE of those who attempt to discredit you who question and resist giving up our constitutional rights. What are their agendas?

I hope I’ve made my point that there are some intriguing, lingering questions about 9/11.
Sure, we can't say for sure what happened based on a few internet videos and articles. But the totality of what we do and don’t know can help paint a picture. It is useful to analyze incidents in the context of what happened before and after them. We need to be very wary of the credibility of ALL sources. I’m particularly wary of those who reflexively namecall people who are raising the questions and demanding answers, particularly when they choose to not even hear alternative theories or challenges to conventional wisdom--this could be an obvious M.O. for shills tasked with shaping public opinion...I've heard it said that when "they" can't eliminate a critic, the next move is to discredit the critic.

Sorry for the length of these posts, but I'm frustrated that the mainstream media has not covered this sufficiently...

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Look into the allegations about the men observed in a parking lot near a van within view of the towers as the planes crashed into the buildings, cheering and seemingly elated after the planes struck; they were reportedly arrested and later identified as Mossad agents, possibly members of the largest spy ring ever discovered in the US [the film I watched about this showed men, possibly these men, discussing this on Israeli television—I know it sound weird]. Is there any validity to this report?

Then there’s the curious spike in put options placed on United Airlines and American Airlines in days just prior to the attacks on 9/11. Is this coincidental? Reportedly, some of the money remains unclaimed. Did others have advanced knowledge of these attacks? In particular, did Americans or Israelis have advanced knowledge? The put options were reportedly placed by the same bank whose former Chairman was later the CIA’s executive director. I'm just relaying to some of the questions that I've read about that seem underreported or not reported at all in the mainstream media.

Who could stand to gain from allowing the attacks to take place, and how? These are the most important and touchy questions that are being shut down by those disparaging questioners as “wacko conspiracy theorists”. Do these questions sound so irrational?

Is it true that George H.W. Bush overnighted in the White House on 9/10/01 and had breakfast with a Bin Laden? What about the film footage of members of the Bin Laden family at the airport, supposedly just prior to being flown out of the US when everyone else was subject to flight restrictions? Are those asking these questions all wackos?

Another interesting tangent to look into is Operation Northwoods [see Wikipedia among other sources], for which CIA documents were supposedly obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. If I remember correctly, this one was supposedly devised in the 1950s, and was a detailed plan through which the CIA author(s) proposed making Castro look bad by staging a fake shootdown of an American passenger airliner. The plan’s details as to how this could be carried out were astounding—i.e., they could send up a drone plane similar in appearance to the actual passenger jet to rendezvous and be shot down, while the actual airliner could be landed secretly at an American military base to offload the “passengers”. Don't take my word for it--read for yourself...

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Now, in my review of the 9/11 info out there, I've found that many of the internet videos use alleged witnesses and news footage--not just editorial commentary by "conspiracy theorist/wackos". I'm not denying that there are some in the truth movement who have used dubious methods to get the word out about their concerns, thereby compromising their credibility, but in their defense, they are likely very frustrated by all the government and mainstream media stonewalling, and the huge wall of resistance they encounter simply in trying to get regular Americans to listen to the questions about the 9/11 attacks that remain. [JFK assassination and other assassination researchers/questioners faced similar criticism and stonewalling. Coincidence?] One issue that disturbs me greatly about 9/11 is the allegation that hijackers were linked to CIA/FBI informants/American military bases. All were allegedly admitted to the US from the same visa-issuing office/consulate in Jeddah, which was reportedly heavily trafficked by CIA assets entering the US. Check out the interviews of (J.?) Michael Springman, a self-proclaimed former foreign service officer in that office who says he was instructed by higher-ups to issue passports to these individuals, despite the unacceptable responses on their visa applications for which they would otherwise have been declined....Have you ever heard in the mainstream media that at least six of these individuals subsequently have been found alive in the mid-East, [i.e. one of them is supposedly a living airline pilot in Saudi Arabia]? It's been implied that at least some of their names may have either been aliases or they were not even on the planes as we've been told. I was surprised to hear that the alleged hijackers’ names did not appear on any of the flight manifests—then how did the justice dept. get their names released so quickly? Also curious, one piece of luggage that didn’t make it onto one of the ill-fated planes, which was discovered in the airport happened to have the names of all the hijackers...I'm not sure any of this is true---just that there are valid unanswered questions that have been raised and not adequately laid to rest…Another disturbing issue is that our military was reportedly in the midst of an exercise at the time of the incident, which was supposed to be a "simulation" of just such an attack, and yet Condy Rice and W. were insistent that no one in government could have imagined such an attack taking place in the US. [This is also reportedly the case during the 7/7 attack in London--a simulated exercise of the same type attack that was occurring at the same time...Coincidences??] Seems like it would be a good way to tie up or confuse those responsible for intervening in a real-world situation, so the theory goes......Is it true that Osama Bin Laden has never been listed on the "most wanted" list for the 9/11 attacks, since there supposedly is not enough evidence against him for that particular event? Curious, considering how much blood [on all sides of the conflict] and treasure has been spilled in the region...We spend so much money on defense and yet our military was unable to protect us from these multiple attacks, when fighter jets have been known in the past to be scrambled for airspace violations on a moment's notice...According to televised testimony, then-Secretary of Transportation witnessed Dick Cheney in the command bunker reportedly ordering the fighter jets to stand down, even when the hijacked planes were within the ten-mile mark of their targets---WHY were long-established safety protocols violated on this day? And is it true that Cheney claimed to arrive in the command center 15 minutes after the attack [I don't remember which one], but there was testimony that he had been at the helm issuing orders before and during the crashes?

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I only began looking into the 9/11 questions for the first time in the last two weeks, after years of thinking that the 9/11 Truthers were probably wackos, based in part on media namecalling; after all, I, like most of you, watched the planes fly into the buildings on TV and didn't think it required any more looking into to figure out what happened. Only a "conspiracy theorist/wacko" would question whether members of our own government could have at least had prior knowledge of these horrendous attacks, right? Well, after watching several videos and reading various articles, I have found MANY curious accounts that need to be investigated further. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and DON’T rely on only mainstream media sources or just the 9/11 Commission Report--find out what actual witnesses have to say [many of whom weren't even brought to testify before the commission—why not?]. Many people have complained that the 9/11 Commission Report was a whitewash, similar to the Warren Commission Report--I'll bet some of you out there still believe "Oswald acted alone" and that there was a single "magic" bullet that killed JFK, simply because you can't imagine that we might have actually had a coup d'etat in this country or at the very least that our government would lie about something so grave. It's uncomfortable and upsetting to believe that some of our countrymen could commit and/or cover up such heinous acts--I understand that. Folks, if this country is to survive and thrive in the future, we must get our heads out of the sand and not cut down those who raise valid [or seemingly invalid] questions--how else can we provide a crucial check and balance on our obviously out-of-control government? Without questions, there can be no accountability...In the course of my readings over the last two weeks, I came across something that, IF TRUE, would help explain why our heads are in the sand, or more appropriately stated, why our heads have been buried in the sand: Anyone ever heard of Operation Mockingbird? I was very disturbed to read about this alleged decades-long, widescale CIA manipulation of mainstream media—involving several MAJOR publications/stations/so-called “journalists”. Those in power know that winning “hearts and minds” is more than half their battle in achieving their goals. You'll be blown away, as I was, to see the names of those implicated. This one is worth researching—there’s even a Wikipedia article on it [but don’t stop there]. Imagine the implication of powerful elites using the media to shape our responses to events of the day…Pretty freaky to think about the extent of resources that would be necessary to succeed at such an endeavor…