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Hi Cody,

Thanks for the interest, but I think I'm going to pass. However, I encourage you to continue digging into the Sketch War archives. There are a lot of great sketches from a lot of very funny people. Certainly, you would be able to find one that you could use. Maybe one that would work even better than "Lies".

Anyway, thanks again, take care, and good luck with your project! :-)


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I like it! Literal is always funny. My favorite part is when the model, in an evening gown no less, follows Ryan with the flame thrower. That's a great image. Good stuff :-).

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Thanks! But in all fairness, the guy's an easy target. :-)

I think next installment we'll have Cowboy Norris doing battle with domestic terrorists who invade Cheney's playhouse. Maybe even bring in Laura Bush as Ms. Iacquiesce?

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Speculatum. No, that sound like an ointment my grandma would use.

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Holy crap, I think I just went on a serious trip reading that. Never thought I'd see speculums in a children's show. And oversized ones at that. Ouch :-).

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But really, can't all of the world's problems be solved by a sexy robot? :-). As much as it disturbs me, there is something oddly appealing about your vision of the healthcare future. Good stuff :-).

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I'm sorry, they're not barbers - they're stylists :-). Gives a whole new meaning to *Supercuts.* Anyway, wouldn't be surprised if this is what it came down to in the end. Though, at some point, they too would probably unionize, join with insurance companies, and start charging for bloodletting. Nonetheless, good stuff there :-).

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What does that say about me that I can picture that too? Hilarious. That image is going to be burned in my brain for the entire day: Fred Armisen in a sensible pantsuit and a bad red wig.

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Was able to just get to this today. Ah, nothing says comedy more than the betrayal and slaying of an evil dictator. Though I hardly think Cicero is keeping an objective distance here - sneaky little bastard. Fox News, ancient Rome style. Nice job. :-)

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What gave it away? The nihilistic contempt or the acrimonious resentment. Seriously, you have no idea. :-)