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Hi Alejandra, not sure. If you're still having problems, contact support@elephantjournal.com x

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No, she hasn't.

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Whoa! This is just one article---we have lots. We are reader created. We don't expect every person to like and / or agree with every article! You are under no obligation to read, but if you want to offer feedback, whether positive or negative, try keeping it mindful and constructive (if you don't like something, say why.) :) ~ Ed.

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He's not "promising" free college. He is saying that we could make it happen if enough people came together and demanded it. Why is it unrealistic here, but not in every other major country? Why is it unrealistic when it costs a small fraction of our endless wars in the Middle East. Why isn't continuing those disasters unrealistic?

What do you want to fight for?

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Stephanie, I think you may have missed a crucial line in the piece—he is not actually having an affair :) ~ Emily, Editor

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Check the last line of the piece again! ;)

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Happy April Fool's Day! <3
The Eleditors

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Hi Rachelle,

If you click on the text in red, it will take you to a step-by-step guide to the pose ;)

With ele love,

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Aw thanks for reading Sarah! I'm writing along with our apprentices this month and this is what was on my mind yesterday.:) ~ Caitlin

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Amber Weik Considering the hell nasty cruel people can bring into your whole being and literally destroy your life, being called sweet is about the flipping last of my worries. No offense but when are people going to grow up? I mean really ? You have kids being sexually abused, men beating and killing women, The unbelievable corruption of our government, sex rings......Do I need to go on? But someone called you sweet? Really?
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Elephant Journal
Elephant Journal I agree. This is one writer's perspective. I said to a colleague that she looked cute, this year, referring probably to the colors of her shirt or something--I had zero weird intent, just wanted to say something nice...and she took it as inappropriate. It really made me sad—I had no kind of inappropriate anything in mind. ~ Waylon Lewis
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Kerryn Butler
Kerryn Butler What a limited and minimising definition of 'sweet' you have. If you ever call anyone 'sweet' we'll know what YOU mean but I think you over step by assuming that your definition aligns with everyone else's definition. I've known many women who I would ...See More
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Patricia J. Paronett
Patricia J. Paronett Yes
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Elephant Journal
Elephant Journal Agree. This is one writer's perspective, and we welcome mindful dialogue around this.
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AW Alexander
AW Alexander So basically we need to be offended by people trying to be friendly or nice now. Honestly, people can't win. Do this, don't do this. Do that, wait no, it's insulting. Everyone needs to stop whining about silly stuff. The world has far larger issues.
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Kirra Webster
Kirra Webster I highly disagree, as every woman should. Like most young girls, I was raised to be complacent. Standing up for myself and what is right would lead to being deemed a bitch. Still, today, after abandoning any urge from societal pressure to be complacent (after it nearly killed me) years ago, choosing to be strong over sweet turns people against me. I don't think I ever use sweet as a compliment, and being called sweetie makes me cringe. If you want to compliment someone on their personality, lovely is nice, caring, bubbly even, but sweet is so empty. Sweet is harmless and shy. That's not what women should be encouraged to be. I mean we shouldn't be encouraged to be harmful either, but I would much rather be called strong than sweet, and I would much rather talk about the things that really do matter, such as how women are shaped to be complacent, than turn a blind eye and accuse people of whining because I'm too ignorant to see the big picture.
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Patricia J. Paronett
Patricia J. Paronett AW I'm with you, I'm not here to tell other women what to be and if I'm talking about someone I'm really not that acquainted with but I generally like them I may call them sweet, meaning, kind, compassionate and full of grace. My sister also gets bugged out by the word cute when it comes to clothing but here's the deal, compliments are so rare these days and life is tough enough...call me sweet, petite, cute, whatever you want, a compliment is wonderful either way. Smile, be kind, receive kindness because that's the way it's meant...as kindness
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Julie Lawrence
Julie Lawrence Yes, frankly a put down by those people threatened by grace, class and humility.
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Stamatina Fillippis
Stamatina Fillippis Just be thankful for the compliment geez!
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Christi Tov
Christi Tov Welcome to the land of hyper-sensitivity.
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Elephant Journal
Elephant Journal agree