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If she perpetuated her "Livelihood" by oppressing and/or abusing employees, I'd say it is a VERY fair consequence.

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" there is racism going on on the other side" This is deflecting. Also, a big part of what makes racism "stick" is power. White Americans were slave owners, not blacks, not "arabic", not Chinese or Mexicans. White American's racism and the power that it carries relates directly to that historic power dynamic and the one that continues today.

I think this goes to one of Kristen's points, that Deen (and other, deflecting white Americans) need to acknowledge and address their own inherent racism, rather than continue pointing fingers.

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Shit. You guys were at Christina's? How did I miss this? dammit.

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The supposedly tolerant are far too often intolerant of the intolerant. This lack of tolerance for the intolerable intolerant is intolerance at its worst. It's like the whole world is made of lactose and I just hate stinky poos.

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Do i really have to be the one to say it? Hey! If you want to be taken seriously, LOSE THE GIANT PINK COWBOY HAT. Seriously. What the hell is that? Please tell me it's some kind of anti-cancer hat or something.

Anyway, fuck Tucker Carlson. That position hasn't changed in a decade.

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I'd be remiss not to extend my concern regarding the capacity of legions of over-active, franchised, intellectually challenged traditionalists to choose the brightest in their midst.

Also, Fuck.

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it's not so much goat eating as it is...err...you know, nevermind!

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I've already learned to distrust anything written on his site...so...i call bullshit.

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something tells me this will be annoying to listen to after the first two lines. Message lost due to hipsters being hipsters. Next time mention Tebow.

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This ad proves what I've known all along...that Rick Perry always walks around at a 45 degree angle.