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QUOTE: "During his visit, Huang was reported to have said that China opposes “any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism” and that China would not hesitate to express concern regarding such matters."

Same on the Malay Muslims. They don't seem to have learn anything from their own religion, other than abstaining from pork!!!

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QUOTE: "He was the one at first who did not allow us to have the rally. He is the one who constantly reminded us to make sure that the Chinese would not be offended,” he told reporters at a press conference today."

As usual, Najib has no principles. You push him and he wavers. If he really has any conviction, he would not have allowed the racist rally to proceed. But then again, this is not the first time when he wavers. In fact, he always wavers under pressure.

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QUOTE: "Retiree Flam Fernandez, 63, meanwhile predicted that the outcome of this weekend’s rally would be bigger than any of the previous demonstrations as as the people have grown “fed-up” with the way the country is being run."

Fed-up with the way the country is being run or fed-up with the way the country is being run-down? The only people who know no shame is Najib and his Cabinet!!!

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QUOTE: "Nazri went on to remind Tunku Ismail that in a constitutional monarchy like Malaysia’s, members of the royal family should not dabble in politics."

Nazri, you say that members of the royal family should not dabble in politics. Did you say the same thing when the Sultan of Pahang urged the people to support Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak?

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Hi Edward Lukacs, my apologies regarding the references. I didn't want to display the references because it will make the page looks very unwieldy. Those references are placed there for my own references, whenever there is a dispute regarding the facts. In any case, I will keep your remarks in view and if there are many similar requests, I will display them, even if it is unwieldy. As you know, my articles are kept as short as possible and putting 11 references on the Stevia page is going to make that page very long and forbidding.

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QUOTE: "The next move is this, we want to know if the church has the authority to operate and we will be meeting with the necessary authorities in Petaling Jaya to clarify this."

Do you need a permit to operate a church? What does the Constitution says about freedom of religion?

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Shahrul, is this your contribution to Islam?

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QUOTE: "Johari said the alleged oversight should be taken seriously and that if no action is taken, it would embolden the public to further abuse the social media."

So how about Utusan?

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QUOTE: "The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) today denied that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had issued any statement on his position on hudud, the Islamic penal code that PAS intends to implement in Kelantan."

I believe the PMO. I don't expect Najib to make a stand on any important issue.

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QUOTE: "The interfaith group also dismissed the project’s purported objective to remove misconceptions of Islam, and labelled it a disguised propagation of Islam and in “bad faith”.

How to remove misconceptions of Islam, when Muslims still need the guidance of imams to understand what the Quran says? But to me, it's not easy to remove misconceptions of Islam, when senior politicians and government officers are behaving the way they do at the moment, since almost all of them are Muslims.