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"Shut up and deal."

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Comic book writer Chuck Dixon said that all of the "He's just a guy who wants to do good just because not because he's American" talk was for the foreign press and H'wood. I mean that tag line "Heroes are made in America" has got to be one of the single biggest slaps in the face to liberal H'wood in a long time. How do you guys like getting sucker punched?

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"Will Media Matters expel the bigot in its midst?" Survey says... BZZZZZZZZZ Oh no that is a strike!

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Suddenly I find my pants are too tight...

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Just stop already! This is just pissing me off. I want to know who thought this was a good idea? Superman is the ultimate immigrant. We love him because he left a hostile world then used his gifts and talents to better this one! Want to know why he did this? Because of his AMERICAN values! What other country in the world could there possibly exist a superhero like a Superman? Anyone?! Not only am I pissed, I'm also very sad...

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The Nixon line comes from the same episode reviewed here. Colvin was telling Wysocki that the radical lefitists were so brazen and out there that it nearly drove her mother to vote for Nixon. Honestly it came off more like a compliment.

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Troy: "The glee club lures people in the courtyard by singing cheery renditions of hit songs!"
Jeff: "People actually fall for that?"

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I often say, Nirvana existed so we could have Foo Fighters.

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I hate this show. With an unbridled fury. It's a mean spirited hate filled show. Even the people they supposedly support are caricatures themselves. The whole thing comes off as one big back-handed compliment to it's "friends" and a severe insult to it's "enemies". Dave Grohl has always been a music hero of mine. He just went up to 11 in my book.

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World Net Daily? Really? No one takes them seriously.