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Please tell me if somebody does this to my dog, I have a right to shoot? 1 year is ridiculous, and I hope a restraining order can prevent that man from moving back into his home.

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Boys will be Boys? This hardly falls under that category. Had they gotten in a paintball war with themselves that holds up, but hitting unwilling suspects walking on the street? I'd literally kill them if that happened to me while I'm carrying and my family was being hit. There is a good reason you are forced to wear a facemask during paintballing, one of those will easily blind you for the rest of your life.

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It's a nice place and has not gone down hill, I think my problem is comparing it to the olympic gamefarm park in Sequim. Comparing the 2 in my opinion makes Trek rinky dink when it comes to the animal part of the adventure. It's not on the same level and for my family has become a boring trip. The zipline will definitely liven it up.

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This is awesome. I used to think the place was so rinky-dink and unworthy of attending, now I'm there.

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Nice job Captain, blame it on "Destiny". I'm sure that's real comforting for you.

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How about the charge of impersonating an officer too. Thus guy should not see the outside of a prison for 20 years and it looks like pretty soft charges.

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The vast majority of people in this country could care less that Obama is black. Of course there is the redneck demographic, but that demographic doesn't determine the outcome of elections. Obama is facing no more backlash than Clinton did in the late 90's when the tech industry crashed, and dotcom bubble burst leaving our economy in a downturn. Definitely nowhere near the backlash Bush faced for an economic meltdown and the war in Iraq. It's amazing how many people want racism to be their answer.

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I'm referring to the federal income tax rate which is through the roof, add to that state income tax or sales tax, and its called getting hammered. Once the money becomes personal income you have to pay it. Sure you can play games within the rules to limit how much is considered income, but each and every one of us would play that game...to avoid getting hammered.

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Apparently racism is still alive and well in Idaho (not that it's a surprise). I hate most lawsuits, but not this one. Talk about making a guy feel hopeless. As much as I think unions over-do it, a union is needed at this company.

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I'm a Republican who wont be voting for Romney because I believe he's way too out of touch being born a silver spooner who doesn't relate to the common man at any level. I'm more disturbed that in the past he used a factory his daddy closed down as a set up for a joke, proving he could care less a closed factory means lots of unemployed people. That being said, who gives a sh** if he's doing offshore accounts. Contrary to popular belief, the wealthy get absolutely hammered with taxes paying a higher percentage of a higher income, and are forced to play a game to keep some for themselves. As long as that game is within the rules, it shouldn't even be brought up.