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The problem is that this is new. We have over 100,000 articles spanning the past 19 years. Google will only tell us, one-at-a-time, which articles they object to.

The photo on the front page today might qualify. As webmaster of the site, I don't want to have to consider Google's shifting sensibilities when I choose photos. The current photo they are objecting to is a wire photo that sites like Google News feature themselves.

Google has the right to do what they want, but the way they deal with us has the potential to be chilling. As a result, we will be looking for partners who appreciate our content.

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Note from the editors:

The Mint Press News article on rebels and chemical weapons appears to be bogus. Dale Gavlak, the AP reporter listed as co-author says she did not write the article and did not contribute to the report:

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The host told all three of us that we should interrupt, that is the nature of the program.

Eric Garris

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This is a duplicate copy (Google didn't index properly), so you will find older comments here:

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Phil and I have both done interviews with Press TV and with Voice of America Persian channel. We are willing to speak on both governments' networks.

Eric Garris

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We repudiate David Duke and any use of our material by him.

Eric Garris

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Justin was not censured. He is and has always been essential to We simply disagreed and presented an alternate view.

Sorry I've been too busy working on the website to get into the frey.

Eric Garris
Webmaster and Co-Founder

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In what way do you find me anti-American? Is it too much to ask for specifics?

I admit that I am anti-US government, but I agree with our founding fathers that this is not the same thing.

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Phil was not approached to sign. We only asked the staff to sign (David Henderson asked to be added).