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Humiliation. Garbage.

There's always some reason trotted out by apologists as an excuse for jihadists: it's either poverty, education, feelings of being "marginalised", not enough infrastructure in their cities, "desperation", checkpoints, not enough jobs, poor economic conditions, historical grievances they can't get over and the fact they didn't get enough breakfast. So much garbage.

The only way to understand jihadists is to study and know Islam. Once you know Islam, you'll know why they commit jihad. It's very simple.

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What an "answer". That was some of the biggest garbage I've ever read.

I don't know how that guy could write that and feel proud of himself.

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I will die for my right to link Islam with terrorism, especially when Islam is being used as the justification, motivational fuel and impetus for terrorist attacks, as cited by those Muslims who carry out these very attacks.

To do otherwise is to deny reality. It'll be yet another sign that we aren't willing to adopt the correct words (let alone mindset) and win the war against Islamic supremacism.

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The reason young Muslims end up serving prison sentences is because they are extremist to begin with. It makes little difference if they fall "under the influence of extremist preachers". In fact, it's logical: there are extremist Islamic preachers in prison and extremist Muslims who break the law end up in prison meeting them. Thus, this is a match just waiting to happen.

The problem, as we know, lies in the Islamic doctrine, which asserts that Islam is to reign supreme over non-Islamic religions and belief systems. If the police and law enforcement agencies aren't willing to arrest Muslims who, now upon reading this news will be emboldened to push the limits of the law and particularly of those who enforce it, then this is a massive step in the wrong direction. It also indicates another loss for our society to stand up to those who hate our freedoms.

The West needs to harden the f**k up HEAPS more and fast.

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That's a great comment. Love it.

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You tell them Hugh.

CAIR are a bunch of terrorist-supporting scum who want Islam to dominate America. They are an organisation who are in no way committed to the values of freedom as we know them in the West.

This group deserves to be disbanded and kicked out of the country. Go on Obama, I challenge you to do it.

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I really don't like CAIR. They are criminals. All they do is scream "Islamophobe!" when one pinpoints their dishonesty and expect to get away with it.

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MILF again? I thought MILFs were only available on certain Internet sites, the ones that require a credit card.....

Enough with the humour. This is a disgusting attack and again more evidence of how intolerant Islam is of other faiths.

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The Saudis are some of the biggest pigs one could ever come across.

Everyday of the week they are calling Jews the sons of apes and swine who should be killed wherever Muslims find them.

But they don't mind the Jews having to do the dirtywork where required.

And, no Jews are allowed into Saudi Arabia.

This is the height of hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

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"Saudi is like Jabba."

That was the funniest thing I've read in ages. Thank you. Love it.