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October, you say? This is so tempting, even though I am very not in the Toronto area. :)

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I cannot agree more. I don't know what I would have done without the Toast - this website and its community have changed my life.

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That’s fine, here’s my wife baking gluten-free muffins in my Sleater-Kinney t-shirt and our dog dressed up like the world’s most adorable Jack-O-Lantern.


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Me too! I've promised myself that I'm someday going to have a house in a tree, or a tree as a house. And I'm going to have books and I'll bring tea to sip as I listen to the wind go through the treetops and oh jeez I'm getting way too excited thinking about it! :D

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Yes! It is the best when you use it and someone just gives you a knowing look in response. :)

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Man, you guys. We really need to get on that whole party idea we had. I can totally bring cookies and summer is coming up. Road trip!

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"...I needed to stop living my life in order to make others happy (while constantly struggling inwardly) and start taking steps towards finding happiness, meaning, and fulfillment in my own life."

This is the absolute and complete truth. I can't overstate how much this realization changed (and is changing) my life. Thank you for your story, and definitely for including this particular sentence. :)

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Yes! I've always wanted incidentally queer characters!

This is going on my to-watch list.

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Thank you for your thoughts! It's been a difficult and humbling process to rethink my issues with Christianity; I may have more questions for you later. :)

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I have a difficult time with Christianity. I was raised in a very conservative evangelical Christian environment. My views on the church, on God, and on Christians themselves have been severely tainted. I have a knee-jerk reaction when I am exposed in any way to religion - usually cynicism or anger or some combination of negative emotions. However, I have always desired God's love and have longed for that connection in my life.

Given that this is something I want to do, how can I ever go about healing the damage done by my early religious experiences? Is it possible to overcome that and have a safe, peaceful connection with God? Thoughts?