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Yes! Love the Diamond Age. Also, there's a possibility the books are set in the same universe, and YT is the headmistress Nell interacts with who talks about her days as a skater/whatever it's called

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DWJ is AMAZING, I tout her greatness to anyone that will listen. Excluding her plays and a couple of her picture books, I've read EVERYTHING by her, except for the first and last books she ever wrote. Since the first one was the first, and not really the same as any of the other books she wrote, I kind of want to read it *before* the last book she wrote, so that the last new book of hers I read isn't a letdown in any way, but it stays at like $300 on amazon and ebay, and I don't make nearly enough money to be willing to spend that on a book I'm reading for the sake of being a completionist.

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Yes! I love the series, and I love Amelia and Emerson. I love how their love for each other is the central relationship in each other's lives, and how she obviously loves her kids but for her, it's Emerson all the way. Amelia Peabody will always have a very special place in my heart, my mom used to listen to the books on tape (Barbra Rosenblat's rendition adds SO MUCH to the experience) when she would cart 5-year old me around in the car, so I can't think of a time period when Amelia wasn't in my life.

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I'm trying not to say anything that sounds cruel towards the woman in question, but it sounds like she generally just may have done a lot of things that aren't particularly optimal to being found? Trying to find cell reception rather than trying to find her way back to the trail, staying put in one spot the entire time (this initially sounded weird to me, because I thought you were supposed to stay put when lost? but I think that's you should stop WHEN you realize you're lost so you don't wander further away, and if you're lost for about a month, it probably makes sense to move around after a certain point), etc.

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Yes! Like, hello, I can't pull an all nighter. I've tried that exactly twice, and both times, they resulted in me falling asleep in situations where I really shouldn't--like in the middle of a test while drawing a diagram of a heart, or at a book store. And if I get no or just 2-3 hours of sleep, my talking is basically gibberish, and my ability to walk in a straight line is severely impaired. Whereas if I get 6 hours of sleep, I'm bleary and very slow, but able to converse in an understandable manner, and am able to function about the same as if I had a really bad cold.

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I just watched it for the first time last night and am obsessed, and now a whole group of ladies has been exposed! truly fortuitous.

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wow, I'm a huge voyager fan and I had no idea. that's an awesome fact!

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yes! exactly. Also, I can't believe I didn't include this: besides abusive ex who DEFINITELY had a drinking problem, my sweet, caring, excellent in every way partner also developed a drinking problem while we were dating/things came to a head. With him, I broached it as a topic of concern, and, since we were long distance, basically said "I don't think it's serious enough that you need to cut out drinking entirely, but I would like you to stop drinking around me." His response was basically "Okay, I'll reflect on that further, and sure, if drinking around you makes you uncomfortable I'll stop!" 2 years later he was like "eeecstatic...I think....that I have a drinking problem." and I was like "doy, I told you that a while ago." So, two cases of telling boyfriends that they had drinking problems. Neither thought they did at the time, and both took a long time to accept that they were alcoholics, but the guy who I wish I could go back in time and NEVER HAVE MET treated me like a crazy person for feeling that way. The guy who I love and has turned out to be an incredible human being in all aspects of his life? Actually listened, and even when he didn't immediately stop drinking, never did so in my presence again. Those are really, really important differences.

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Others have already reassured you you're not being overly sensitive. So I just want to add that this is exactly how my abusive ex's behavior started turning bad. It was when I was bringing up how his behavior was distressing me, and his reaction was to double down on it and try and convince me it was all in my head. It was a pretty constant downhill from there. It seemed like the guy I loved had completely disappeared, and because I knew his behavior was coming out of a place of hardship, I really tried to save him. Just, think about what you can and can't deal with, and set limits for yourself early. It's really easy to put up with things you SHOULDN'T, because you love the other person and want to help them.