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and the kipas from HELL have started turning......

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People like Shahidan belongs in the sewer.

First they say PKR didn't request for a briefing. Then after request made, they turn around and say after all the probing. All findings until NOW should be made available to all Parliamentarians regardless of party!

Look, if you fools in BN cannot do the job. Just a simple job, then quit enmass. The whole country is fed up of your wastage, pilferage, corruption and ineptness.

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Here's another theory to go by:
Long shot theory:
With regards to the disappearance of this flight, my theory is as follow:
1.Prior to its disappearance, the airplane indeed may have descended to a height of below 900m, thereby escaping being monitored or tracked by radars from all or other neighboring countries.

2.The small glimmer of indication that it may have made a turn (which was firstly thought to be a turn-around) was accurate. However, the plane could have turned eastwards instead of the other directions every search party is looking at. Flying northwards, westwards or even southwards would force the pilot to fly at higher altitude due to the terrain and may be spotted by radar of nearby countries. I am sure India, Thailand or Indonesian civilian or military radar would have spotted them before it even vanishes into the Indian Ocean. I am also sure that either one of these countries would scramble military airplanes to intercept this intrusion.

3.The last signal picked up by satellite from the Andaman Islands from this particular flight could be assumptions that it belonged to MH370 since nothing can be confirmed. Couldn’t it be some flight belonging to people or drug smugglers? Even exotic animal smugglers too. This region is famous for that.

4.According to press releases, it was reported that the Malaysian Air Force have tracked an unidentified plane flying across western peninsula Malaysia, which they assumed was flight MH370. If at all that was true, why did the Malaysian Air force NOT intercept this ‘unidentified intrusion’ or question it? If the above is true, it just shows the inept capabilities of our government and defense. However, the above may not necessary be true.

5.If indeed it was a ‘friendly’ flight, how come there is no certainty that it was MH370? Why was it not being questioned on its approved flight path? Does the Malaysian government know that something was amiss? And why was this information only being relayed 5 days later? Why not at the time of the disappearance from radar over south of Vietnam or at least, the very next morning?

6.Why were they even assuming that it was an explosion or all other theories in the first place? Do they know something we don’t? And why, after so many days of searching that they decided probably the plane has flown either north to Kazakstan or even south towards the Indian Ocean based on signals detected from radar installations in the Andaman Sea.

7.Again, this was based on signals that may have come from Kazakstan or even south of the Indian Ocean. These are just assumptions. How can the distance be so vastly varying?

8.Flying eastward in the wide open sea at an elevation of below 1000m instead of weaving the uneven terrain would be the most logical choice to prevent being spotted. The weather would have been idly calm that morning. The eastern open sea area may not be closely monitored.

9.Understanding that the flight duration and distance that this particular flight can achieve, it may have flown for another 3 – 4 hours, all the time at low altitude. This was indicated by (03/14/2014) news report on ABC, that there were ‘ping’ signals sent from this aircraft on that day. As mentioned, the ‘ping’ signals could be from anywhere UNLESS a specific location is identified. It could have also come from other (presumably smuggler’s plane)

10.As for eastward flying across the South China Sea, the plane could have flown all the way towards southern Philippines where the muslim rebels are in control.

11.Why southern Philippines? Remembering the Sulu terrorist infiltration of Lahad Datu, Sabah between February 2013 and March 2013 (you can refer to this incident on Wikipedia), this few weeks would have been the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the invasion. I believe that they may be responsible for this flight disappearance.

12.Malaysia doesn’t have any known enemies except maybe the Sulu Sultanate.

13.Many illegal Sulu residents in Sabah have already assimilated themselves into the community of Sabah. Many were also issued Malaysian identification cards. From there onwards, it’s not impossible for them to obtain a Malaysian passport thereby enabling them to be able to travel freely without being detected.

14.The earlier reports that another MAS pilot flying towards Narita, Japan managed to briefly speak to the co-pilot but with static as well as being muffled before the line was cut off could indicate that infiltration into the captain’s cabin. The pilot and co-pilot could have been caught unawares.

15.The plane may have landed in some remote airfields in the southern Philippines by 4.00am or 5.00am that day while passengers were still asleep as it was the middle of the night.

16.As for ransom or whatsoever demands, the terrorists may not do so for now due to international focus.

While everyone maybe looking at the ‘wrong’ end, this long shot theory may hold true.
Like I said, this is a long shot theory.

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For your info, Michael Chang is American of Taiwanese descend
on record, he is considered American. Not asian

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Its not incompetence but pure greed and corruption

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The only crap is crap coming from morons like you who spins for BN

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If based on Malaysian property agent's standard, the middlemen usually make 2% of the sale amount (i think).... that'll be about GBP2million ONLY. Maybe they also agreed to let whoever get the difference in amount (supposingly if actual value of the property was only GBP300million)..... your guess is as good as mine.

Whatever happens, Malaysia is a definite gonna with these bunch of high profile crooks around.

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Effectively, the opposition in Parliament HAVE TO INSIST on heads rolling and all the culprits and contractors brought to COURT. Another thing, those involved should have their pensions terminated or forfeited. It's no more small deals or big deals. It's all about accountability to the public.

As long as no one is punished, the same nonsense will surface year after year.

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Wow! GLCs were not set up for the sake of making huge profits but to fulfill its social responsibility and nation-building objectives.

WTF! Then please chop off all the BN/UMNO linked heads. Stupidest remarks by morons of the highest degree. Real s*it country.

All these at the expense of the taxes paid by hard working rakyats!

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Shameless leeches of the unworldly kind.....

They can give thousands of excuses when in trouble. Hello, there's also this thing called 'open tender' which has already been pakat'd to get the contract to supply.

Put them all in jail for HEAVENS SAKE!!!! Including the contractors